About TunnelBerg


Hey there!  It's me: Tunnel, Berg, Tunnelberg, or however you may know me!  I have been working my absolute hardest recently to get into the world of professional VO work, and usually go for things from the medium to the medium-high range.  I have a huge soft spot for voices along the lines of Justin Briner or Matt Mercer.  As for being cast for roles, I will try my best to reply as quickly as I can! If you would like to reach out to me about a role or possible casting send me a PM or use my discord shown below.

  • @bluepixel

    TunnelBurg has a powerful voice when it comes to singing which was perfect for the cover I needed him in. He sent me his vocals the day the project started and didn't complain when I asked him to record extra vocals due to inconvenient circumstances. He was admired by some singers who worked in the project such as Silent Swordswoman. If you need a male singer, I'd definitely recommend casting TunnelBurg.

  • @theburningfaith

    I known Tunnel for a short time but he is one of the most friendliest guys I have ever come across. His friendly nature and positive attitude makes any project we're in very fun! His amazing voice talent and positive nature will guarantee any project owner out there to be happy casting with him!

  • @kissfromtheshadows

    What can I say about this boy? He is very talented, and hardworking and will get his lines in on time! He's also insanely fun to talk to and he makes me feel so happy to even have met him! Im so proud to say I was even part of his life! I love him so much <3

    So if any director wants a talented/ trustworthy va, then look no further!

  • @patrick-mealey

    First met Tunnel through the Danganronpa projects I was in. Upon meeting him, I always thought he'd be a good bud. He's a super nice dude with good work ethic, amazing acting skill, and a lot of good humor under his belt. I've also recently discovered how great of a singer he is and would recommend his skills for any project that requires that. What else can I say but, check this guy out if you're looking for an amazing actor.

  • @phantasmal-bard-studios

    Everything from his audition, to his happy to participate attitude made him just wonderful! He was professional and very pleasant to interact with altogether!

  • @qthevoice

    This boi is very friendly and talented, and he's kewl and he helped me out with my demo reel. I recommend, 10/10

  • @ken_rou

    Oh man, what there isn't to talk about Tunnel? The superb voice work he provides, the flexible mindset, the absolutely positive manner he provides... He is one of THE voice actors in the Danganronpa fanfiction community, and it's easy to see why. The amount of quality and professionalism provided from him is nothing short of remarkable. I'm glad to be able to have him on the team and provide the voice of the protagonist, Kyosuke, who is elevated in personality and swagger because of Tunnel.

  • @aspiringsinger15

    This guy is amazing. He voiced the lead in my project and I will not lie, I fangirled when I received my lines because they were so perfect. The range of emotion was incredible as he went from shy to scared to determined. If you get the chance, work with him. You will not be disappointed.

  • @canariaproductions

    We've had the honor to work with Tunnel on Masked Memory (a text-based adventure) and that’s just the beginning!

    Every performance he gives is unique and absolutely perfect. His recordings were delivered in record time with amazing quality. In addition to that, he offered he brought a wonderful positive atmosphere to the team.

    We will definitely be working with him again in the near future and highly recommend you do, too.

  • @quantumleek

    I've had the pleasure of working with TunnelBurg on a few projects now, and he consistently blows me away with the quality of his work. His sound quality is always outstanding (to the point where he's making everyone else look bad!) and his acting brings a new light to lines like I never imagined. I can trust him to bring life to any scene I put him in, whether it be upbeat and comedic or heart-wrenching and sad. Overall, it has been a great experience working with him and I hope to continue to do so in the future.

  • @gso

    Tunnleburg is perfect for Noctis(whiny broody 20 year old). almost ray chase if yknow what I mean