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About KissfromtheShadows


My name is Minh Ton or KissfromtheShadows [any pronouns]. I am working hard on putting my name out there and getting into the world of professional voice over. My voice is very unique:


Brooding Teen - Young Child - Flamboyant Male


Sultry - Motherly - Child

My singing range is from: G2 - F5 [Tenor - Alto]

If cast I will try to respond as soon as possible, If you want to ask / discuss / reach out to me about a possible role or casting feel free to PM me here or on my discord:


π’πŽπ‚πˆπ€π‹ πŒπ„πƒπˆπ€

β‡’ Twitter -Β @MinhyVa

β‡’ Youtube -Β KissfromtheShadows

  • @theburningfaith

    Minh is not only a very talented and professional Voice Actor but he has such a positive outlook in life that you cannot help but smile and laugh when talking to him. He has had an amazing work ethic with every project we have been involved in. He turns in his lines very quickly and in very good quality that will leave any project owner happy and satisfied to listen to. If you ever need a VA that can be both a blast to talk to and be a professional for their voice work, look no further with Minh!

  • @luminarie

    As a close friend of Minh's for a number of years, I can safely tell you that he is both a great friend and a wonderful voice actor.

    I frequently get a insider look into the behind-the-scenes of his projects, as well as his frequent massive workload, which he never fails to meet deadlines for, working well into the midnight hours to complete (I should know, I'm with him most of time haha).

    Not only is he a hard worker, he also maintains a good relationship with all of the teams/producers that he works with, frequently being active in community discords/skype.

    If you're looking for a hard working, professional VA with a positive outlook in everything he does, who is also a wonderful, approachable and positive personand a great and caring friend, you can always count on Minh

  • @tunnelberg

    Working with Kissfromtheshadows is always an absolute blast, he is able to bring a smile to anybody he comes across. He is amazingly talented in his VA work as well, if you need the "thot voice" this is your guy 100% I have an amazing time working with him as well as talking with him~

  • @noelsadak

    To begin, Minh is fantastic. He provided me with high fidelity and quality lines way beyond my expectations in a ridiculously short amount of time. For context, I was creating a really in depth and taxing audio drama for my sound mixing class. Now I was probably about 40ish hours into this thing and we were finally able to get the actress in to record the lines for Alice. My friend swore by her, but as it turns out she was quite bad. Now at this point I reached out to some of the people I had done previous work with. Minh, picked up on this immediately and decided he was up for the task. Within 15 minutes I revived back the test lines I had sent out and he absolutely nailed them. I showed the rest of my group and they were completely blown away. I sent him the rest of the lines which he recorded and sent in within the hour. His performance really was the final touch that my project needed, and elevated it to a new level. For that, I would highly recommend Minh to everyone that considers him. I have no doubt that if he continues to create quality content in such a way that he will make a real name for himself in this business.
    You want him for your project.

  • @patrick-mealey

    Minh here is both an amazing voice actor and one of my best buddies. I first met him back in the Danganronpa fan community and he amazed me with his amazing acting chops and vocal range. Apart from being an incredible actor he's an amazing musician and an accomplished audio engineer having mixed several demos for my good friends. Next to that he's a hoot to talk to always having a bunch of great jokes under his belt and always looking to make everyone happy. He's got great work ethic, is a talented guy and a good friend. I would recommend this dude for any project.

  • @ken_rou

    Minh, who provides the voice of Subaru for my project, has been nothing short of timely and engaged in his works. Despite the lack of communication on my part, he has the ability to capture the quirks and personality of the character with remarkable accuracy. Not only does he use his unique voice to provide a colorful representation to the characters he portrays, but to also be a voice of motivation and insight. I'm truly humbled to have such a classy, remarkable voice actor on the team.

  • @canariaproductions

    We've had the honor to work with Minh on Masked Memory (a text-based adventure) and let’s just say, he absolutely rocks!

    His performance was brilliant. Truly brought the character to life! And all with little to no direction. The recordings were delivered in record time with amazing quality. In addition to that, he was an absolute delight to work with. We came out of this with a new friend!

    We will definitely be working with him again in the near future and highly recommend you do, too.