Los Angles based voice actor w/ a home studio - Let's make something awesome!

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About joshedev

Hey there! I'm Josh, a voice actor from Los Angeles, California. As a kid, I discovered a love for voice acting, and since then my passion for this creative field has only grown. I've found that I love working with my voice to tell stories and give characters their own unique flair. Over the years I've had a blast bringing lots of odd and interesting characters to life, and I'm always looking for more fun endeavours!

Feel free to give me a shout here, or through my site over at I'd love to work with you - Let's make something awesome!

Aside from voice acting, I also like making video games, editing, and writing! Character-focused stories are my jam. Feel free to check out my gamedev website if you're interested in any of that!

  • @crowqueen

    I don't even know where to get started with Josh. He's honestly one of the most amazing people I've ever met. Not only is he a wonderful friend, but he's also crazy talented and works very hard.
    He's able to do a wide variety of voices, and has a lot of flexibility for types of characters he can portray.
    The guy is also hilarious. He always knows how to make me laugh or cheer me up when I'm upset.
    If you cast him in your project, I guarantee you won't regret it.

  • @carabyte

    Josh performed in a supporting role for my audio drama. His audition was on of the ones that I immediately new he was who I wanted. He gave me exactly what I envisioned for the character. A pleasure to work with, he is very good with making deadlines and doing things over. Super talented and a fun person, I couldn't recommend him more.

  • @labowski

    Working with Josh was a pleasure! His performance was full of life, and he delivered his lines with character and passion! If you need someone to do solid VA work, then he's one you won't want to pass by.

  • @hecticvexor

    Josh is an incredible, powerful presence on any cast you could ever ask for! Finding innovative, creative ways to get in touch with his character, he also breathes life into a project with his kind-hearted earnestness to get the core of what makes the character themselves. Always prompt and punctual with deliveries, able to take direction and flex into multiple ranges at the drop of a hat, and--Arguably the most important--A wonderful person to call a member of your cast for his attentive and friendly disposition at any given moment! Don't let this voice actor pass you by! He's an insanely talented individual, and a wonderful team player.

  • @anonymousch33se

    Where to begin!

    Josh was a delight from day one. Responsive, easy going, he provided a huge range and delivered exactly what I was looking for! He has a sense for these things, I think! Wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again, and recommend him for anything and everything! 

    Thank you for your help and exceptional talent! You brought “Kelly” and “Xavier” to life with my projects, With Bodies They Walk and Rainbow Heartbeats!

  • @faith-arts

    He did a great job. Hematched the personality of my character very well. I was surprised by how it turned out, and He turned in all his lines early.

  • @jakegen

    Josh is a delight to work with; extremely patient, extremely goddamn good at their job, and overall, someone that I can't wait to work with once more, if you're lookin' for good ass voice-acting, then this guys YOUR guy.