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I've been active in voice acting for a little over six years now. A self-taught purveyor of words (currently for FREE! 😁).

My goal in voice acting is, well, what voices are for... to communicate. To connect with others. To find myself, and where my voice belongs in this world.

I take care in producing fandubs to the highest quality I'm capable of. Though I'm not the best at communicating direction sometimes, I try to be as clear, precise and cooperative as I can, and I want to give voice actors participating something to be proud of, likewise with project directors who I'm lucky to be cast in their projects.  

My favourite aspect of Voice Acting is Character Acting. I like playing characters I can connect to, challenging myself and my range, understanding the psychology, staying faithful while putting my own spin on that character. 

I visit a lot of old forms of entertainment from time to time: nostalgic TV shows (i.e. Iron Man: Armoured Adventures, Galactik Football), games I played with my friends (i.e. Pokemon, Super Smash Bros), but I'm open to discovering new franchises to share with people. 

If you have questions about my projects, don't hesitate to reach out to me via a message. :)


  • @mabvo

    Do you ever browse Casting Call Club and think to yourself, "I audition and get cast in stuff, but so many projects fizzle out or never even get off the ground. I wish I could know that a project I am working on it actually going to happen..."? 

    Joe is the answer to all your problems. A tireless worker, great voice talent, communicative director, gracious manager, and an understanding collaborator. Working with Joe was an absolute pleasure and it was amazing to see such a large project (check out his MapleStory dub!) come to fruition...and all on the timeline he set. I would absolutely work with Joe again and encourage anyone to audition for him when he puts together another project.

    One final note...Joe can also pull double duty, providing memorable performances WHILE acting as a quality director. If you get the chance, I highly recommend working with Joe.

  • 2019 Actor/Actress (Metatron)