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About blairlex

My name is Alexander Hanly I’m an Ireland based professional voice over artist and actor who has for the last six years, lent my voice to animation, games, podcasts, commercials, Internet passion projects and more! All remote from the comfort of my professionally treated home studio.

(Or a local Ireland based studio of your choice)

From energetically animated characters with a dose of hilarity to confident but warm and friendly commercial reads, with my slew of accents and voices, I aim to bring an authentic experience to any challenge sent my way whether it be commercial or character.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work. 

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Discord : Blairlex#6702 
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  • @violet-dev-team

    Blairlex did some wonderful work for our visual novel, and we were so pleased with how quickly he finished as well as the quality of the work! He is a very talented voice actor and a pleasure to work with!

  • @missmamawork

    Blairlex is an amazing person. He is really caring and kind and always wants to do better. Every time I listen to his lines, it creates a smile on my face.
    If you need someone with an energetic voice, who can also switch intonations and emotions within that energy, this is the right person for you.

  • @roseofouran

    This guy is going to go places! He was so fun to work with on such a short notice and his lines blew me away! His ability to really bring the character to life amazes me and I will def be looking forward to having him in future projects. I can tell he puts a lot of effort and has fun doing what he loves!

  • @mvjv1

    Alexander is an outstanding voice actor. I had so much fun working with him! He has a great range of emotions within his acting, and he really gave the character life and energy! I highly recommend him for any kind of project; you won't be disappointed!

    Thanks for working with me and my team! :)

  • @zarifkur

    Alexander voiced a main character in our game “House on the Hill”. He acted very professional, was understanding and provided us with a quality work on a short notice. Alexander is able to convey a subtle emotions just with a few words of dialogue.
    We are very lucky that he became the voice of our game and we are highly recommend him to everyone.

    Thank you for the great work!