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    About Passage of the Wanderer: A Firnuvan Tale

    It is recommended anyone unfamiliar with “The Parable Project” view this page before continuing:

    The Parable Project returns! After an initial run for the original game in the series, The Journey of Echoes; the Parable Project returns with a second entry, The Passage of the Wanderer. Much like it’s intended predecessor, Passage of the Wanderer contains many of the narrative functions of the Parable Project as a whole, and attempts innovation within the RPG genre in brand new ways, seeking to create an experience of crafting a character that follows and makes choices following your own personality or a chosen persona.

    “Four realms separated the planes of Firnuvos, guiding souls on the perpetual journey of life, death, and reincarnation. Silep, the Solar Kingdom lived in eternal daylight; Braia, the Earth Kingdom lived in harmonious nature and synchronicity; Paelor, the Soul Kingdom, lived in shapes unfathomable to all but those who exist there; and Qumak, the Lunar Kingdom that lived forever in the shadows of its parallels. Panobar in his infinite wisdom sought for unique lessons and experiences to come from each Realm as the soul traveled. Qumak taught of honed beauty within darkness and surviving against seemingly insurmountable circumstances. A hard lesson, but ultimately one well-earned,”

    Qumak, the Lunar Kingdom, has long lived under the darkness of a demonic and evil threat that had once threatened it and Silep alike. However, while the efforts of the great warrior Durham were able to cleanse the threat from Silep, the demonic force remained in Qumak and took control, becoming what is now known as the Order of the Flame in the wake of the fall of their previous leader. For more than a century in our time, the Order ruled over Qumak unchallenged. However, from the darkness emerged a light, a light known as the Lunar Rebellion. Individuals wielding incredible magical weaponry that allowed non-magical species to wield the incredible magic of Firnuvos for the first time. The Rebellion broke the Order’s hold on Qumak’s largest city; Eclipse, and shattered their position as the government of Qumak, inciting a war across the entire realm that still rages onward.

    Features include

    • 8 Playable Party Members with 1 Additional Unlockable

    • 8.5 Dungeons each with a Unique Boss

    • The continuation of the unique and original world that formed the original Parable Project entry; Journey of Echoes; with yet more new species, history, and languages

    • A war between demonic beings and magi-tech wielding vigilantes

    • A personality system that allows choices throughout your journey to shape the person you are; along with the ability to customize your protagonist’s appearance and voice!

    • Even more vibrant and dynamic characters that form Qumak, the Lunar Kingdom that is perpetually bathed in darkness and the light of the Seven Moons.

    • Full portrait artwork of all noteworthy characters of the game

    Just as before, Parable Project continues to be a labor of love through all the staff involved on it as it tends to be with indie projects like this. Not one person has been paid at all for the time they’ve put into the project, and as a VA on the project, you will share this. Wintersound Studios, just like Modus Operandi Productions, is a start-up company and does not have the funds to pay anyone until after our projects are complete. If the game is released and successful, there will be compensation given to the VAs who worked on the project, but we do not operate anticipating success. We make our games for the enjoyment of making them and seeing people enjoy them, so be prepared for no compensation at all, but remain optimistic for success.

    The eventual shelving of the original Parable Project is more than a sign of the volatile nature of this business and more than a glimpse of the absolute worst case scenario when it comes to projects like this. I, as an individual, was incredibly lucky to have the chance to pick this project back up

    Potential VAs, as always, should…

    • Possess a decent quality microphone. We’re not looking for crystal clear sound as this is potentially unpaid, but we would like you not to have any obvious problems with your recordings such as buzzing noises, excessive pops and feedback, or ambience

    • Be willing to take direction, and accept critique and adjustments suggested for individual lines and overall recordings.

    • Follow the deadlines we set. We have a LONG production schedule so we will likely give you massive amounts of time to get recordings done. Given this, we would like those deadlines met.

    • Embody the small parts of direction mentioned for characters, but be comfortable improvising new things for their voices. We will be looking particularly at actors who get creative with their speaking.

    As a final note, when looking at characters, you will find many of them have the use of their actual in-universe species within their bios. Former VAs for the original project have a Handbook that refers to some of these species, but for the sake of new VAs and new species added since that edition of the Handbook, similar species within our own folklore and history have been placed in brackets next to all instances of the use of a species name for clarity. Note, that these are not literal one-to-one comparisons, but merely the closest existing creature for the purpose of making their roles and personalities clear.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold