About Jeromy

Need a unique and memorable voice for your project? 
Expressive, Genuine, Youthful and Warm, I have a voice for any character and the acting to boot!

My name is Jeromy (with an O) and I am a voice actor with four years experience in character acting and advertising who's here to put as much into your amazing project as you need! My natural speaking voice is youthful with a New Zealand accent; I have special ability in performing multiple characters/voices should you require it. Your audio comes clean and crisp at a near broadcast quality.

If you would like me in your next project get in touch! My rates are reasonable and I love hearing about whatever it is you're creating!

All the best and I hope to hear from you soon,

Kind regards,

Discord: Jeromy#7247

  • @teruteru-va

    Voice acting with Jeromyeatsfood in 'Vicboys' was, and is, a lot of fun. He's polite to other members of the team, and is active in delivering his lines as well as the project's Discord chat; engaging with many of the project's followers and making them feel welcome. Jeromy is a pleasure to work and chat with, within the 'Vicboys' team, and I highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for a positive and talented member for their voice acting team.

  • @deleted60715

    Working with JeromyEatsFood is actually really fun. He's polite to me, and is active in delivering his lines. Making projects with him is an amazing experience. Jeromy is a pleasure to work with, within the Super Smash Brother studios, and I highly recommend him to anybody who's looking for an amazing and talented member for their voice acting team.

  • @animaterdanger

    Absolutely fantastic talent to work with. He completely exceeded my expectations--which were extremely critical--from the second he began the script reading as we did live direction. This actor has an intuition that gives him a unique value. Every direction we provided he was not only extremely courteous in his reception, but he also executed with startling perfection.
    Jeromy is also just a delightful person in general. I am just over the moon praising myself for choosing him for the role lol. I needed this role to be perfect and Jeromy has done that and then some.
    The project isn't finished yet but will be posted on my youtube