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Hello, welcome to mah profile, Guessing you came here to learn some stuff huh? 

well, look no further, >__< My name is Cora short for Coraline, I Love voice acting, I wouldn't call myself a Voice actor yet, I don't feel I am at the level yet to brandish the title, But i am aspiring voice talent, I love to take a chance and  a challenge head on, I am always looking to go up against voice actors that are better then me, mainly because of what you can learn from them, but also, the experience is what i live for, I have had no real training from anyone, I just thought, i like making funny sounds when i was a kid, then it went from, Funny sounds, to, Funny voices, and now, well, here i am, trying to make what was a fun little hobby, into something that could help and make me very happy, I have a strict Vocal warm up Regiment everyday, 9 step warm up 30 mins a day sucks, but it's what i have to do to get a bit better each day, i push myself hard as well, and i am always looking for feedback, ask me anything, don't be afraid.

  • @deleted23557

    Very easy to direct along with being incredibly talented. Candy was able to deliver the lines perfectly within the first or second try every time.

  • @gh-nathan

    Candy is a fantastic voice actress and I give my full recommendation of her. She is credited as Coraline Moon in the video I have linked.

  • @mr-dent

    Candy is an excellent, talented, and highly efficient worker! She always delivers her lines perfectly, and demonstrates a brilliant range.

  • @kerubin-pictures

    Candy Femboy is a talented individual and able to deliver the lines in a very quick manner and provide high quality work. She is always available to chat with and she isn't a type to disappear all of the sudden. Highly recommended to have her on board on other projects!

  • @aisuru-kioku

    As I work with Candy here, I find myself loving her voice involved with my character. I also like how she adds more emotion with Frost.
    I STRONGLY recommend working with this wonderful VA because she is-so far-the best at her work.

  • @tsukuneteller

    I'd love to say, that I love the variation of voices they can make. You can tell they work really hard and for me personally. Their voice work was amazing and full of personality. Please highly consider this person, as they are nice and are a hard working voice actor. Thank you.

  • @thereconjacob

    Coral did a brilliant job of voicing a character named Jenna! She absolutely nailed the voice and managed to get her to sound exactly what I wanted her to sound like based on my vague description. Would recommend her to anyone!