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About The Far Side of Normal


Hi Everyone! This casting call is for The Far Side of Normal project. It is a collection of science fiction/fantasy drama tales consisting of mercenaries, werewolves, vampires, dragons and more. This story will be told across varying formats including audio drama, animations, comics and more. It is also being divided across multiple parts (or series, if you will).

We're currently casting for a multitude of voices to be used throughout each series (starting with Series I). People cast for main roles may be asked to provide lines for additional, smaller roles if necessary.

All roles will be in English though there may be scenes where other languages come into play.

For all roles (be they protagonists, antagonists, supporting, etc) will be paid the same amount as if everyone had a leading role. As our budget is fixed for the time being, we cannot pay as much as we would like. We will be paying $25 per cast member. There may be a kickstarter or something else down the line depending on how the first installment is received. At that time, potential profits earned from that will be divided fairly amongst the cast. All payments will also be made through PayPal.


The Far Side of Normal is a collection of science fiction/fantasy drama tales. It is to be divided into three Series, with the first centering on a female mercenary's search for her daughter. In the process she will cross paths with new faces, old friends and stumble across a centuries long feud. It will be told across varying formats including audio dramas, animations, comics and more. Each Series will have its' own set of characters, and maybe some from previous Series may even make an appearance or two.

Deadlines & Auditions

The deadline for auditions is September 27th, 2020. There are no plans to extend this deadline. Should this change, there will be an update. We will notify voice actors who have been cast in roles as each role is filled. Scripts will be sent out starting in October.



- First and forest most, please enjoy yourself! Have fun! We're looking for passionate people who are going to relish what they do.

- We are looking for people who are in this for the long haul. Months, years at a time. It's going to take a good long while before this project sees its' conclusion, and we would love nothing more than to keep having our cast come back each time.

- You must have good audio quality and a good microphone. We must be able to hear your voice clearly and with very minimal background noise.

- We have a Discord for this project. If you are cast, you must have a Discord in order to join, get information about the project, new scripts, etc. Communication is important. We would love to discuss and hopefully voice chat with each of you! We are also not unreasonable, if need be, we can arrange for Skype, FaceTime or Whatsapp sessions, as well.

- Also of note, currently this project is in the PG-13 category, if possible, it will remain there, but if necessary, this project will become a mature/rated R type project. Please keep that in mind before you consider auditioning. AGES 18 AND UP, PLEASE.

- Feel free to try out for as many characters as you would like! More roles will be added shortly!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and audition! We hope you can join us for The Far Side of Normal!

- Brendan aka "DarkS1ayer" & co.

About the Creator: DarkS1ayer

Hey everyone. My name is Brendan, but most know me as Dark-S1ayer online. I'm 31 and have been writing since high school. My raison d'etre has become to be able to tell stories in the same way Stan Lee once did, with characters full of heart and soul within stories that shock and amaze. I am the creator, writer, & director for The Far Side of Normal.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold