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About ShinyTurtw1g

Voice and stage actor in greater Portland, OR area.

I excel at medium to low pitched female voices, from young adult to senior, from doting maternal characters to sinister villains. However I am very confident acting in roles of varying ages and vocal ranges. My stage work allowed me to work with a vocal coach on a Standard English/Received Pronunciation accent, as well as acting as a dialect coach for later shows. 

Stage works:

Mrs. Jennings - Sense and Sensibility 

Claire - Proof 

Ms. Prism - The Importance of Being Earnest

To Be Released:

Sabine Cheng - Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub Quite The Purrdicament Part 4 previous episode

Scarlet - Final Fantasy VII Overhaul Mod (Echo S) - project info

Hera- LORE OLYMPUS Motion Comic - previous episode

Deputy Jerri Thomas - Wildely Productions:Heinous Investigations Info

Maleficent - Kingdom Hearts Manga

Momo- My Hero Academia Comic Dubs audition

Detective Nadine Brenson- The Untold Tales of Party Girl Audio Drama audition

Peko Pekoyama - Danganrompa 2 Comic Dubs - VOFT previous episode 

Karen Kimshima - Yamaha and the Seven Witches OVA Fan Dub audition

Retrospection Radio Theater audition

Erina Joestar - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Abridged audition

Mindy - Heartbreak Cafe audition

Ellie - Down to Earth Fandub audition

Miwa - Graestein : Toccata of Darkness Meet the Cast (8:55)

Fairy Fee- My Favorite Show (Video Game) audition

Maria -  World's End Harem Abridged audition
Female Extras - Clinic of Horrors Comic Dub audition

  • @envyvoices

    I worked with Annie on Heartbreak Cafe, and she was wonderful. Her voice is so soothing and she delivers her lines with great emotional depth. Not only is she a great voice actor, but she took time out of her day to help me improve my audio quality. Annie shows such kindness and encouragement to newer voice actors (like myself), and I would love to work with her again. Highly recommend!

  • @scoevo

    ShinyTurtw1g is an absolute must have on any project! Once she became part of the discord, she never stopped being supportive and helpful in anyway she could. She took the initiative to make up a scheduling doc for the cast to put in their respective times that they are usually available during the week to run lines. Always one to give feedback for anyone's work or performance. She is a very dedicated individual to the craft and will undoubtedly make any project she works on all the better by being part of it.

  • @golly-g

    ShinyTurtw1g was a great voice actor to work with. Obviously. great at voice acting. But she was also very kind and understanding. She was able adapt to changes in production easily and was happy to re-record any lines for me. I'd recommend her to anyone and I would work with her again.

  • @jennaoliverva

    ShinyTurtw1g was a fellow voice actor on a project I worked on, as well as one that I am currently involved with. She is always professional and super friendly. Her positive attitude is infectious.
    Besides being a great person, ShinyTurtw1g is a phenomenal voice actress. She has a voice that was born to be used in voiceover, and a natural talent that will make her a star one day!

  • @tfassassin

    ShinyTurtw1g is probably one of the best people I've worked with on a project. She is very hardworking and you can tell she takes pride in what she does. In the very short time we have been working together she has already shown how much effort she puts into her work and I know that for a fact she would be one of the best people to have on a project.

  • @_thenerdyginger_

    ShinyTurtw1g is a stupendous voice actor. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and she is a complete natural at acting! I have listened to many of her auditions and I was completely taken aback by how talented she truly is. We have just been cast in the same project together and she is fantastic! She is so incredibly supportive of all of her cast mates and directors. I would highly recommend her over and over again!

  • @remarano

    I worked alongside Annie on "Wanted: A Gun Kitty short", and not only is she super talented, but also incredibly fun to work with. Definitely a team player and a great addition to any project! :D

  • @joshua-cookingham

    Annie and I voiced an animated short together, and it was a blast!

    She perfectly encapsulated her character for the short, and also did a podcast with myself and the other members of the project where she did improv of her character in several skits without missing a beat.

    Can't recommend her enough!

  • @wing-wolf

    An amazing talent who was somehow able to get into the head of the character she auditioned for.

    Incredibly responsive, fully willing to redo lines when needed, and is almost always guaranteed to provide you with a quality performance.

    She's 100% worth working with and I'd recommend her to all looking for female voice talent.

  • @doctorgrey

    Shiny is a phenomenal voice actress in every capacity. Not only is her ability to express emotion so vast and extraordinary, but her conduct in the group is immensely supportive and wonderful. I'm floored by how many auditions Shiny successfully gets cast for, the aspiration of Shiny is certainly boundless and I would highly recommend her for your project.

  • @maxthatacts

    Shiny is AWESOME! They're great fun to work with and add plenty to the table with their exceptional talent. Not only that, but every project they take part in has them giving their all - an excellent performer and individual.

  • @misseljebel

    ShinyTurtw1g is amazing! They play Melora in an ongoing original webcomic dub of mine. They are super friendly, very enthusiastic about what they do and it shows! They get their lines done way before the deadline, and their takes are all fantastic! If you need a voice for your project, I definitely recommend them!