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About Victor Thomas

I am a tenor with the flexibility of range doing characters and narration reads. I have been a professional actor since 1991 on stage and film as well as  on screen for over 25 years professionally. I have hundreds of productions under my voice belt.  From complete character creation to ADR on camera replacement for language or just a change.  I LOVE to work on games and animation preferably. Audiobooks with multiple that too.

IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR PLEASE “recommend” ME.  Greatly appreciate it.

Reputation matters

  • @litas

    Victor was fun and easy to work with. He submitted his lines in days, when most take weeks, sometimes months. He gave the role he was cast for "Detective Felton" a unique twist (a Louisianan background and accent) that really made his performance stand out. For the small role he was cast, he gave 1000%. His professionalism and kindness are just frosting. Thankfully, he has range, so we will definitely be looking to him for future roles we need filled.