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About Zilpa Eden

Hi! I'm Julie! A Voice Actress, and Artist!
I specialize in Young Female, Young Male or Teen voices!
I'm 19, and undergoing studies at the moments, 
I love all sorts or genres and project types(Excluding 18+), 
thus I'm open to lending my voice if you PM me! 
So if you want my voice, let me know! 
Love you all! ♡♡♡


Demos & Samples


This is just an example of my voices~!

My Singing 2019- "I Just Kinda Wish You Were Gay"

Original Song by Billie Eilish, Int. by Ivan Carlini! <3

  • @emiliaazuri

    She's super cool and her voice is really cute ^^

  • @soundhood

    Zilpa is a very talented voice actor and is really nice to work with.
    She agreed to help with our project before we got the chance to explain what it was, and we really appreciate it. Thank you :)

  • @danielg9680

    Excellent voice actress. Does impressive work on the lines that I sent to her. Grateful for the help

  • @plotline_progenitor

    Zilpa Eden helped out in a tiny one line role for my visual novel, she had a great voice for the role and I'm happy she decided to help out

  • @mrjorgensen2001

    Zilpa Is An Impressive Actress With a Cutie Voice And Pretty Good Acting. She's Great With Line-Delivery And Reading a Script. Would Work With Her Again! ;)

  • @animenerdx3

    Zilpa works in a timely and orderly manner. She handles a range of work: from professional to casual and puts her best effort into it. Her voice range varies a lot. I would highly recommend Zilpa Eden's talents if you are looking for someone with skill, professionalism, and high productivity. :)

  • @team-addison

    I casted Zilpa for one of our comic dubs. One day, I asked her to play Aiko, the daughter who been harass online and she portray the role perfectly. I totally recommend you cast this girl for anime projects!