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About FalonEcho

Falon is a full-time professional voice actor and narrator specializing in animation, video games and narration. She is the voice of numerous video game major roles including Beatrice in Meister High, Rain in Wake Me Up, and the lead and mascot, Lilah in the mobile game Baked. She also has 140+ audiobook credits and 200+ character credits to her name. Falon has been training vocally her entire life and has been training in voice over specifically for close to 5 years now, through various schools, courses and private coaching with professionals who have been in the industry for decades.

She is also a wife and mother of a beautiful little 5 year old boy. Voice acting is the perfect job for her as it allows her to combine her passions of voice and acting as well as gives her the freedom to be able to stay home with her son, who although didn't talk until recently due to his special needs, is determined to follow in his moms footsteps and loves to spend time in the studio with her helping out in recording sessions.

Demos & Samples

Dramatic Demo

This demo reel showcases some dramatic scenes including sadness, fear, and anger

Project Clip

A 911 call from a concerned citizen that I scripted and recorded for my advanced VO class project.

Terrified Caller

A terrified 911 caller, scared for her safety and completely panicked. Scripted, recorded and edited for my Advanced VO course.

Character Reel

Short reel of some different female character voices

  • @habefastro-scribe

    FalonEcho is one of the best Voice Actors I have ever collaborated with. She is skillful, talented, and brings an inspirational enthusiasm for the work at hand! Her passion makes one feel even more passionate for their project with her amazing ability to brighten up the spirits. She exudes positive motivational vibrations. Her kindness and care are bring the feeling of assurance.

    She is Very open minded with what roles she will be playing and very receptive to feedback. With which she applies with interest. FalonEcho puts in so much effort for the sake of the cause. Even handing pristine advice to the project owner. Her intelligence is also a great boon. She was able to point things out that increased the quality of my venture.

    Any role FalonEcho is in, she brings an elite level of vocal performance. Any character she plays has a distinct differentiation that makes each of her performances stand out in a unique way. This I speak from listening to her many incredible auditions and experience in working with her. She provided voices for a (redhead) beautiful taciturn assassin, a (brunette) sexy sci-fi agent, and a (blonde) sultry pirate captainess. Each voice had a shine to them that was greatly individual… and from such an outstanding individual.

    FalonEcho has so many gifts as an actress, a collaborator, and a person.

  • @deleted363042

    I love her voice! She has such a big range of voices. I would totally cast her for any project she auditions for. She loves working with others, as well as shes very talkative(sometimes). But it's very good to work with her, so give her a chance. Haha. Anyways lovely day~

  • @mattman

    FalonEcho was an absolute joy to work with. She brings a level of professionalism and good-natured humor. Her performance of a woman who was losing her mind was amazing, and wasn't afraid to bring the dark, and creepy nature of the character to life.

  • @deyoku

    Misty does her work and does it well. Actually more than that, took on a narrative and recorded it 10 minutes after asking, while suffering from a headache. If that's not commitment to voice acting and proof to a nice personality, I don't know what it is. I am not skilled at giving good recommendations, but just wanted to let you know you're being appreciated.

  • @jetfalco

    Falon was an absolute delight to work with. She took direction incredibly well and provided several takes on short notice and her voice fit a last minute emergency recast in all the right ways! She sounds so awesome in a very special crossover cameo from the DreamersEcho comic to the Mondrea Memories audio fiction podcast! So much so, that we will definitely be requesting her talents to return for future seasons!

  • @april-dark

    Falon is a very talented voice actress. She helped me with my machinima, which needed to be in a short amount of time. Falon has sent her lines quickly, with great quality, and using very good acting skills. I was happy with the final effect. Highly recommended actress!

  • @bluewolfiegacha2010


  • @lovely-productions

    Falon voiced Liam in my mini movie "The Dreamer". Liam is a cute little boy. Falon was able to make everyone fall in love with Liam right when they heard him. There are actually multiple simps for Liam now. Anyways, Falon did an amazing job. She was also really enjoyable to talk to and she always kept up to date with the progress of the mini movie. Those are two qualities that I appreciate. If you are looking for someone to voice a kid character, I 100% recommend Falon.

  • @projecthydra

    FalonEcho is a fantastic Voice Actor! The way how she can express her emotions is just amazing. I highly recommend her for any project.

    Thank you one more time!

  • @dcooper

    FalonEcho Is the greatest to work with. she gives it her all as headmistress faragonda in the winx club fan dub. She very easy to communicate with. If you ever need any help just ask her. she would not mind gaining the experience.

  • @cryshulvo

    Falon is incredibly talented and friendly! She takes direction fantastically and has such a lovely voice. I know I will be hearing more from her in big name projects in the coming years and I can't wait to hear more of her stellar work!

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    Falon voiced a character in one of my audio dramas, fast turnaround time and good quality. Look forward to working with them again in the future.

  • @divanation

    Falcon is such a delight and always fun to work with! I had her voicing a main heroine in my game and she took the voice direction and range perfectly. She provides such a energy and soul to her lines, I always look forward to hearing her work!

    She's very professional and fun to work with, always managing to make time for multiple voice sessions! I can't recommend her enough!

  • @ian-brewis

    I've had the pleasure of working with Falon on her Dragon Quest manga dubs work and would highly recommend other actors to work with them on future projects. She's well organised, friendly and hard working to a fault. I look forward to seeing any future casting roles managed by this director.

  • @divanation

    Falon is such a delight and always fun to work with! I had her voicing a main heroine in my game and she took the voice direction and range perfectly. She provides such a energy and soul to her lines, I always look forward to hearing her work!

    She's very professional and fun to work with, always managing to make time for multiple voice sessions! I can't recommend her enough!

  • @danman529

    Falon Echo did a fantastic job portraying one of our main characters for our show. Not only did she execute each and every one of her lines perfectly, but she completed them quickly and in a timely manner. She was always open to criticism, and thanks to her flexibility and professionalism, we were able to get her character's lines in for 12 scripts within a two week period.
    She is exceptionally talented and her audio quality is above par. While she does an excellent job juggling projects, she also performs for her own work, and takes great care of her family. She is the definition of a hard worker, and I personally cannot wait to see where her talents take her.
    She is an amazing human being, and I truly believe she will go places. If you have the chance to work with her, don't hesitate. Contact her right away, and I guarantee you will never be disappointed. I hope I can work with her again very soon!