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About ErinNicoleLundquist

Erin Nicole Lundquist is a SAG-E, Latina, LGBTQIA+, military veteran, voice actor based out of Dallas, Texas who has 8 years experience collaborating on video games, film, animation, and audio drama productions.

Her work has been featured on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Apple News +, Crunchyroll, Peacock, Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo, and more.

You may recognize her as:

  • Lady Dimitrescu - State of Survival x Resident Evil

  • Peeps - Sasaki and Peeps

  • The Morrígan - The Ancient Magus’ Bride

  • Forest Princess - Goblin Slayer

  • Rachel Stanley - Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

  • The Silent God - Dragonheir: The Silent Gods

  • Queen Bouncelia - Garten of BanBan 4

  • Minthe - Official WEBTOON dub of Lore Olympus

  • Arachne - Official WEBTOON dub of Bugtopia

  • Amber The Ambulance - Go Buster!

Experienced in:

  • ADR (animation & live action)

  • Animation and video games

  • Theatre and television

  • Audiobook narration and audio dramas

  • Commercials

She is able to perform as: 

  • Child (male)

  • Teen (female)

  • Young adult

  • Adult

  • Middle aged

  • Demonic/monstrous characters 

Accents Include:

  • British RP | Californian | Eastern European | Georgian | Irish | North American | New York | New Jersey | Russian | Texan | Trans-Atlantic

In addition to acting, Erin prides herself in her passion for education. She applies her military background with her current industry experience to teach goal planning for voice actors through her private coaching program.

  • @darks1ayer

    Erin is currently providing several voices for my project "The Far Side of Normal", due to its' nature, being that it's long term, and its' mature subject manner, she did not let either of those stop her. Her versatility is something to behold as she can have her voice be that of an aggressive fighter, to a supportive mom, to a subservient entity, or anything in between. She's got accents too! Her amount of energy & passion is something that is felt in each and every performance she puts forth. She has also exceeded my expectations. Going above & beyond what was required of a voice actor, showing that she believes in the project she commits to. I cannot praise her work and work ethic enough! She's a welcome member of my cast, and even beyond this project, I have no doubt that I will continue to work with her in many more projects to come. I highly recommend her to any who need a female voice actor, and if you need to know more, feel free to message me. I have nothing but good things to say about her.

  • @pariahpod

    I am currently working with Erin on an indie podcast, and I am constantly floored by the quality of her work. Erin is always very professional, and consistently meets deadlines. It's very clear that she takes the character's entire story into consideration while reading her lines, and the results are nothing short of haunting. Her talent is matched only by her enthusiasm for the project, and I hope that once this story is complete, I can work with her again.

  • @meredithnudo

    Erin and I work together on Splintered Caravan, and while she's obviously an amazing and talented actress, what I have enjoyed most about her is her professionalism. She takes her work seriously and challenges herself while also having an absolute blast with it and is always encouraging, loving, and supportive to cast and crew alike. No matter what part she plays on a production, Erin always brings her passionate and talented A-game. I love her so dingdanged much.

  • @kazamacat

    Erin played Applejack for my audiobook project on the first arc of my My Little Pony fanfic, The Master Mev.

    She did a great job. I was impressed with her audition, and she has very prompt in turning in all her first takes of lines. Retakes were far and few between, but she got them to me.

    She was also very supportive to my efforts as a director and writer. I was glad to work with her, and I recommend her voice acting talent.

  • @matthewtstratton

    One of the most amazing voice talents that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Super professional, always a quick turn around, quality work, and nothing short of amazing performances. I would absolutely feel honored and overjoyed to work with Erin again.