British Voice Actor specialising in accents and character voices

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About paulw

I have worked as a background actor for about 7 years and in the last few years have also had over 400 Voiceover jobs. I really enjoy them and have set up a small home studio to dedicate myself full time to voiceover work. I specialise in accents and characters. My natural accent is neutral/North-East England but it can be whatever you want it to be! Recently, I was a Finalist in the Voiceover Competition 2020. Which was nice :)


$50 per hour of my time (e.g. a 15 minute script)

What paulw is looking for

I love acting, but happy to do any form of voiceover work, from commercials to audiobooks and everything in between!

  • @nemezar

    Paul plays Harry, a depressed beast from my movie, The Htichhiker's Guide To Vana'diel I think a lot of people will go on to love this character, and a lot of this is down to Paul's performance. Paul also plays an over uplifting character in the second film, not yet released, which is somewhat ironic but shows the scope of his performance, I'd fully recommend Paul for any of your future projects.