JP Wright Voice Actor

JP Wright Voice Actor

Professional voice actor and accent coach.

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About JP Wright Voice Actor

I am multilingual voice actor with over 15 years experience in Voice acting,Radio and Television.

I also have an amazing ability to voice in over 40 accents including-

General American,Californian,Bostonian,New York,Italian American,Texan, British RP,Yorkshire,Cockney,Scouse, Mancunian, Glasgow,Edinburgh,Belfast,Dublin,Kildare,Cork,Indian,Chinese,German, French,Australian,Mexican,Italian,Dutch,Spanish etc,


You are guaranteed HQ work from my state of the art home studio.

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  • @mixelplixed

    JP played the character Brad in our game. His character was a fun one with an accent and JP absolutely nailed it! The audio quality, performance, and ease of working with made the entire experience flow smoothly. Would definitely recommend!