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About KristianAE_VA

My name is Kristian Eros and I am a fulltime, SAG-E voice and improv actor located in Dallas, Texas.

My VO experience consists of anime dubbing with Crunchyroll, Okratron 5000, and Sound Cadence, live action dubbing with ZOODigital and Disney+, and roles in video games with Blizzard Entertainment, Tencent, and Gravity Co., Ltd. I've also done VO for audiobooks, E-Learning, and video narration for various clients.

Aside from VO, I also perform regularly with my improv troupe Take One Productions, we tour and perform at conventions in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, as well as at a local theater called Stomping Ground Comedy Theater every month.

  • @birctreel

    The most patient voice actor I've ever cooperated with so far. He is kind and nice, always trying to figure out what's the best for each characters, even if it's a low-paid project. I'm very honored to have him with this project. And will definitely come back to him once I got more characters for him :D

  • @iforgethowtoread

    KristianAE_VA was the voice and soul of the project we worked on together and he performed a cut above the rest. A professional through and through with a dash of personality to go along with him. He is definitely someone who can perform on the spot and deliver any kind of character required of him. A real actor with a solid career ahead of him with every chance to succeed when given the opportunity to do so.