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About Star Wars: Spark of Hope - Season 1 (Jedi Academy Machinima Series)

Greetings folks, I'm Darth Valeria and this is my second and more massive project after the Fall of Lotus project was a success. ^_^

Thanks to more than 30 amazing voice actor friends who helped me to bring my dream into life, now it's time to continue this story in Dark Times Era <3

Discord Group (It's not compulsory)


The Story

Spark of Hope is a sequel to the Fall of Lotus and an episodic series with about a dozen episodes in this season. 

Our Star Wars Lotus story continues now in 17 BBY, the Lotus Alliance has fallen to the Galactic Empire. 

The remnants of the Lotus are in hiding to survive and rebuild. But they're barely making it; as heirs of the Noble Houses of the Lotus they create a small Rebel Team to survive and struggle

The Rules

-Read description please

-No background noise please!

-You must be at least closer to young adult age please!

-Anyone can join our project as long as their mics are perfect!

-We aren't able to pay money unfortunately!

-You can't quit until project is finished!



-Jaina Prouder (taken by 37auditioneer15)

-Ys'tali Rhees (taken by k-athleen)

-Angela Valeria (taken by KristyRain)

-Luxa Sabrina (taken by EmilyWeb97)

-Kara Stonehorn (taken by AsheWagnerActing)

-Lizzy Heartfire (taken by NadiaGQiu)

-Rose Heartfire (taken by elizabethraines)

-Cassy (taken by lunafreya)

-Shani Norem (taken by ReneeoftheStars)

-Captain Dehs-Pah (taken by AmberMarie)

-Inquisitor Seventh Sister (taken by Fussbudgetjr)

-Darth Rushwa (taken by TimeRunner)

-Lady Valeria (taken by DianaL)

-Nys'tali Rhees (taken by CtheFoxx)

-Padme Amidala (taken by Newton)

-Stormtrooper #4 (taken by NadiaGQiu)

-Stormtrooper #5 (taken by Thea Solone)

-Imperial Officer #1 (taken by AsheWagnerActing)

-Imperial Officer #2 (taken by kidkerrigan)

-Agent Genedean Harbes (taken by kidkerrigan)


-Darko Moran (taken by JentPlays)

-Sebastian (taken by Cgrahamii)

-Ta'kava Rhees (taken by Ravensilver)

-Caleb (taken by DarthValeria)

-Fresskrov Tez (taken by Sonam Burke)

-Thexan Rhees (taken by Jonathon_vo)

-Ucreen Norem (taken by Sonam Burke)

-Scourge (taken by curtiscoomber)

-Phobos (taken by MrMostArt)

-The Shredder (taken by DarthValeria)

-Mentor Rutherford (taken by megalodon302)

-Quinn (taken by ChaseC)

-Linken (taken by MaxThatActs)

-Caydgar Valentine (taken by thezackattack)

-Sorald Valeria (taken by WReTCHeDNSTuFF)

-Jackson Heartfire (taken by TerranceW)

-Admiral Harkov (taken by Tallent10)

-Battle Droid (taken by grindor32)

-Tactical Droid (taken by Darth Vigorous)

-Darth Vader (taken by thezackattack)

-Emperor Palpatine (taken by charlie brown)

-Grand Inquisitor (taken by TerranceW)

-Inquisitor Eighth Brother (taken by RepJunkieJr)

-Undentified Inquisitor (taken by Garrett C Stephens)

-General Pebmar (taken by DarthValeria)

-Lieutenant Ricolt (taken by MrMostArt)

-Camcoll Auswin (taken by dirkmcelyea)

-Drexel Ferdinand (taken by TheBatmanIsHere)

-Injago (taken by RepJunkieJr)

-Lordak Eggax (taken by WanderingVoiceActor)

-Nikto Gangsters (taken by Forglowrly)

-Reelo Baruk (taken by Wyatt Henry)

-Skarpur (taken by Jess McDonald)

-Vogga the Hutt (taken by TheCosaNation)

-Vogga's Translator Droid (taken by Transit Voicer)

-Anakin Skywalker (taken by Kerem Kenan)

-Obi Wan Kenobi (taken by explorgamers)

-Yoda (taken by dirkmcelyea)

-Kadir Zovko (taken by Local)

-Stormtrooper #1 (taken by Forglowrly)

-Stormtrooper #2 (taken by BeckMcBeck)

-Stormtrooper #3 (taken by Derrington)

-Clone Trooper (taken by Yon Shady Glenn)

-Taxi Driver #2 (taken by Kerem Kenan)

-Taxi Driver #7 (taken by FastaSwima1122)

-Imperial Officer #3 (taken by Alex Lamoureux)

-Imperial Officer #4 (taken by Geeyerselashak)

Roleless Characters


-Nikto Gangsters

-Gran Gangsters

-Rodian Gangsters




-Tusken Raiders

-Unknown Creatures

Other and New  roles will be added in time , you just need to be patient please

Take your time and thank you for volunteering

Good luck! and

May the Force be with you!

About the Creator: DarthValeria

Name:            Unknown

Birth Date:    07/05/1995
Age:                 25
University:    Çukurova University / Computer Engineer
Hobbies:        YouTube, video editting, game developing, programming, automation programs, desktop applications, web design, websites, voice acting

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold