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About NadiaGQiu


I was born in Montreal, Quebec; so I'm fluent in french and english. 
I live in Toronto now!  (Well not really Toronto...more in the suburbs of Toronto, the city above it: Vaughan, Aurora to be more specific).

I am married to a wonderful man from Shanghai and have two children, a 7 years old girly unicorn girl and a 3 years old boy who loves his monster trucks!
I'm a pretty artsy person; I love to work with my hands (Jewelries, cake decorating, soap making (that one is the most fun beside VA), sewing (I suck at it though...for now...).
My head is full of stories that begs to be written down on paper.  The thing that annoys me the most is not to be able to draw or paint a scene or character that's in my head...gosh I wish I had talent.

Voice acting was always something I wanted to do...from a very young age.  I always loved acting on stage and obtained a diploma in arts and literature (stage profile) back in college.  However, Voice acting was something that always attracted me, more than acting on stage or even in movies.  For some reason, every time I would talk about it, people made it sound like it was "out of reach".  It took me all these years (and YouTube) to finally realize that it was not so...even though it does take quite a lot of work...

My main goal for now, is to learn about the many voices that my vocal cords are capable of, and refine them.  I want to tell stories with these voices and eventually, hopefully, become a professional voice actress in cartoon (and other branches...who knows...I'm only getting started...)

Dubbing anime would be something to reach somewhere above the stars which would be the cherry on top of the triple chocolate, vanilla and cookie dough, edible glitter, ice cream sundae.

So this is me. :)
Nice to meet you all :)

  • @nerdybird-studios

    I had a great time working with Nadia, she’s a highly skilled Voice Artist and also someone who I found to be very friendly and helpful throughout my project, which is fantastic! I would say to any other Casting Director that Nadia is an excellent, professional choice for your project.
    Thanks again, Nadia!

  • @chunderbluffin

    Nadia played Matrona in Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 In A Nutshell and, despite it being a small role, brought a heart and soul to the project. Her takes were great and responded well to direction. I've only worked with her once but would love to work with her again on the Season 3 video or another project in the future!

  • @captaincat017_

    Nadia was an excellent voice actor to work with and I hope to work with her again in future. I greatly enjoyed working and becoming friends with her because of her positive energy and attitude. Nadia played two characters in my project, Flip and Flip’s Mother, both of whom were distinct from each other. I would definitely recommend working with her if you want a hardworking, talented voice actor!