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"A True Alto with Insane Versatility" ~ Professional Voice Actress, Stage Actress, Opera Singer, Businesswoman, Theatre Kid. A seasoned actress who cares a great deal about the characters YOU create. Always grateful. ~ Thea Solone

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About Thea Solone

🔹𝓣𝓱𝓮𝓪  𝓢𝓸𝓵𝓸𝓷𝓮 ~🔹

*Voice Type*  - "A true alto with Insane Versatility"

" Rich, Warm, and Captivating; High-Pitched, Energetic, and Vibrant; Elegant, Growly, and Alluring;  even Tomboyish, Masculine, and Tough-as-Nails " ~ 

"Thea Solone is an elegant soul with an ethereal voice..." ~ Green Onion

"Thea is a powerhouse of an actress!..." ~ Emcee Voices 

"Thea Solone represents the gold standard for quality freelance voicework..." ~ Roadhouse699

" ...I'd hope that she finds ones that treat her with the highest regards. Because her performances, relatability and generosity CAN NOT BE CLONED. Thank you Thea for all that you've done for us, you are a truly inspiring find." ~ Pureus 

"...For Basil Rathbone describes Garbo as the most talented actress that he had ever played with, and I can safely say the same thing for Thea as a voice actor. She is an elite talent with a supreme range and an uncanny knack for accents. I am proud to work with her and hope to continue to do so." ~ Ross K. Foad


Notice: ~  Not accepting *unpaid* requests via DM. 

~ DM directly for pricing. Thank you. 😊

Business email: theasolone[@]yahoo[.]com

Discord: Thea Solone#8896

~ My sincerest thanks for everything during this busy year! ~  ☕😊

🔹~ Stats ~🔹

~ Professional Voice Actor ~ 

~ Stage Actor/Film Actor ~

~ Classically Trained Vocalist  - Contralto ~ "Mainly the lower reaches. Near the bottom."

~ Singer/Musician (Occasional Songwriter) ~ 

~ Businesswoman ~ 

~ Self-Direction Specialization ~

~ Speech Imitation Ability ~

~ Rapid Speech/Patter Ability ~ 

~ Singing Imitation Ability (singing in character)~

~ Animation Enthusiast ~  

~ Novice Guitarist  ~

~ Full Home Studio & Mobile Studio ~ 

~ Theatre Nerd ~ 

**~ Bio ~**

☕ Thea is a full-time professional voice actress specializing in videogames, animation, commercial, e-learning, and the occasional audiobook. Thea started out as a theatre kid and has been studying acting in various formats for over a decade. She has since expanded her client-base to more fan-based projects in addition to paid voice over work for corporate and non-union. In university, Thea majored in vocal performance, receiving training as a classical opera singer, namely as a contralto & mezzo-soprano. Since July 2020, Thea has acquired over 300+ characters to her name on Casting Call Club, and has cherished every moment. Thea is always grateful to the Big Dude, her clients, her peers, and each "family" group formed along the way, for without them this would not be possible. She looks forward to plenty more adventures to come.

 ~ "I love this job, and I want to continue to tell good stories. The characters that you create matter to me a great deal. Ultimately it is your vision, and if my voice fits in as a piece to your puzzle. Thank you. Always." ~ Thea 🌺

- 2011

Instructed by

🎵 Professional Training 

🎙️Voiceover training: - Featuring:Animation/Videogame/Audiobook/Broadcast & Non/E-Learning/Commercial/Professional Self-Direction/Character Building (List growing all the time.)

Dramatic Arts Classes - Shakespeare, Improv, Drama, Comedy

Acting Classes in Theatre, Film, Commercial, Radio, 

Business & Marketing 

College Education - Vocal Performance Major 

Independant Study/Self-Teaching/Various Books on Performance Media including Psychology and Sociology, analysis of human behavior.

🎼Classical Vocal Training - Contralto 🎼

Online Classes with Casting Call Club (to be updated soon.)

🎭Theatre Credits🎭

Narnia: The Musical │ Jadis the Snow Queen/White Witch │

Murder by Membership Only │ Eve Hawkins │

A Musical Review: Beauty and the Beast's │ Belle │

HONK! The Musical: │ Queenie the House Cat│

The Pirates of Penzance │ Ruth │

The Idiot and the Oddity │ Medea/Ensemble │

Fortress │ Aunt Margaret/Ensemble│

A Shakespeare Review │ Singer │

Much Ado About Nothing │ Wedding Singer │

A Midsummer Nights Dream │Stage Manager│


Best Actress - (as Ruth the Pirate Maid) Pirates of Penzance

Best Actress - (as Snow Queen) - Narnia the Musical

Best Supporting Musical Duo - (as Queenie the House Cat) HONK! The Musical

Best Comedic Death Scene - (as Medea/Ensemble) - Idiot & the Oddity

All Star Cast Award -  (as Ensemble) - Fortress

All Star Cast Award - (separately as Aunt Margaret) - Fortress

Everest Awards - Best Lead Role Actress 2022 - Princess Leia, Catwoman, Kaede Vas Isana, Diana Rivers & Veronica Vreeland. 


Demos & Samples

🐾 Thea Solone's *Black Cat/Felicia Hardy* Marvel Highlights - Clean Audio - No Music 🐾

🐾 Thea Solone's *Black Cat | Felicia Hardy* Marvel Highlights 🐾  | Clean Audio | No Music |

Thea Solone as Fir Jald - SKYRIM MOD - Icelandic Accent

SKYRIM MODS - ELDER SCROLLS - Character Voices - High Elf, Orc, Khajiit, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Argonian, Nord, Imperial Vampire,

A brief collection of *some* voices Thea has provided for Skyrim/Elder Scrolls projects. (All tamrielic voices available, as well as *all* necessary accents for every era. Ex. Icelandic, Austrian, German, or Irish for Nord Women, etc. ) My thanks and happy listening! 😊

💜 Thea Solone's 🔥 Blaze the Cat 🔥 | Combat Highlights | Sonic the Hedgehog 💜 | No Music

✨✨Thea Solone as Galadriel - Legends of Middle Earth - LOTR MOD ✨✨

Thea Solone providing the voice for Lady Galadriel Lothlorien in the LoTR mod "Legends of Middle Earth". 

Thea Solone as Elita-1 Transformer

✨✨Thea Solone as Galadriel - LotR the Musical - Lothlorien✨✨

Thea Solone as Lady Galadriel Lothlorien in Lord of the Rings: The Musical - Song: Lothlorien

💖 Thea Solone's Disney Princess Sampler ~ Aurora, Cinderella, Megara, Elsa, Belle, Merida

💖 Thea Solone's Disney Princess Sampler - Aurora, Cinderella, Megara, Elsa, Belle, and Merida, for both Speaking and Singing voices. 💖


~ For rates. Please contact directly. Rates can/do vary and can work with your budget ~ 

What Thea Solone is looking for


~ Thea's most *Notable* Non-Union Roles ~

(These mostly sum up the types of fan work and/or original projects we look at/for.)

| Catwoman / Selina Kyle | - DC Comics

| Black Cat / Felicia Hardy | - Marvel

| Blaze the Cat / Princess Blaze | - Sonic the Hedgehog (what's with all the cats eh? 🤣)

| Wonder Woman / Diana Prince | - DC Comics 

| Toon Link | Zelda/Sheik | Champion Urbosa | ~ Legend of Zelda 

| Isabelle | Pauline | Samus Aran | Bayonetta | Labellle | Harriet | ~ Nintendo/Smash Bros

| Princess Leia Organa | Aayla Secura | Shaak Ti | Barriss Offee | Bazine Netal | Luminara Unduli |Hera Syndulla | Captain Phasma | Aurra Sing | Female Twi'lek | Female Mandos | Female Togruta | Ewoks |  - Star Wars 

| Elita-1 | Arcee | Shatter | Solus Prime | The Matrix | Chromia | - Transformers 

| She-Hulk | Black Cat | Psylocke | Agent Peggy Carter | Spider Woman (Jessica Drew) | Hela | Black Widow |  | Lady Sif | - Marvel 

| Wonder Woman | Catwoman | Big Barda | HawkGirl | Harley Quinn | Poison Ivy | Andrea Beaumont | Starfire |  Blackfire | - DC Comics 

| Queen Glacier | Queen Thorn | Queen Magnificent | ~ Wings of Fire

| Blossom | - The Powerpuff Girls 

| Princess Celestia | Princess Luna | Rarity | - MLP 

| Karai | April O’Neil | Casey Marie Jones | - TMNT 

| Lagoona Blue | Catty Noir | Abbey Bominable | Robecca Steam | Spectra Vondergeist | - Monster High 

| Blaze the Cat | Julie-Su Echidna | Princess Sally Acorn | Miles Tails Prower | Tikal the Echidna | Lara-Su Echidna | Rouge the Bat | Kit the Fennec | Sticks the Badger | Ray the Squirrel | 

| Android 18 | Goten | Launch | Mai | Vados | Cheelai |  Dragon Ball 

| Sae Nijima | Nagi | Margaret | Chidori Yoshino | - Persona Series 

| Lady Dimitrescu | (at my sole discretion)

| Daisy Duck | Princess Aurora | Cinderella | Merida | Belle | Megara | Jasmine | & | Elsa | ~ Disney Princesses 

~ Lady Galadriel, | Arwen Undomiel | Female Elves | - for Tolkien's Middle Earth Mods (Both Sindar and Quenya Elvish Languages also included.) 

~  Skyrim & Morrowind Mods including every race of Tamriel! ~ / Dunmer / Nord / Altmer / Bosmer / Khajiit / Argonian / Imperial / Redguard / Breton / and even Orcs. (Featuring obscure peoples like Vampires, Kothringi, and Sinistrel Mer.)

🗣️ Voice Matching also available for the following 🗣️

Cate Blanchett 

Kate Beckinsale

Hayley Atwell

Jennifer Hale

Grey Delisle-Griffin

Kath Soucie 

Natascha McElhone

Susan Eisenberg

Kate Higgins

Mary Costa (Speaking & Singing)

Ilene Woods (Speaking & Singing)

Marilyn Monroe (Speaking & Singing)

Lauren Bacall, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo (Any Golden-Age Starlet of the era) 

Catherine O'Hara (Speaking & Singing)

Kasumi Evans (Singing Voice) 

Carrie Fisher (Rest in peace, dear Princess.) 

📜~ Accents Available **Not  Languages** ~📜

North American English (*Array of Dialects) 


Southern - Louisiana/Texas

Icelandic (Nordic)






British RP & British Posh 

Cockney UK



Hispanic/South&Latin American





Russian&Eastern European


Australian & New Zealand

~ I am fortunate to be able to learn new accents quickly, so if you request one not listed above, I'm always happy to ~

~ Thea Solone's Youtube❣️ Thank you for viewing! 

~ Thea Solone's SoundCloud

~ Thea Solone's Instagram

~ Thea Solone's Twitter

- Thea currently has to be selective when it comes to interview requests due to work-load and scheduling (5/15/22) Thank you for your consideration. It is greatly appreciated.

"There are no small parts, only small actors" - Konstantin Stanislavski

  • @habefastro-scribe

    Thea Solone is a God sent Gifted Gambit Guaranteed To Gravitate with her Graceful Gregarious Gumption Gusto Galore.

    I consider myself very blessed to have been given a chance by Thea. A classically trained theatre performance level vocalist genius.

    To which, I say it is not only her amazing vocal performances that make her such a delight to work with. She is also very humble, mature, intellectual, and patient.

    If you are in need of a Voice actor with wide ranges and plenty of talent to spare, Thea Salone is not just a great choice... she is THE CHOICE. THE CHOICE FOR THE VOICE!

    Thank you once again Thea.

    May all your dreams come true!

  • @ynstbih

    It was an absolute pleasure working with TheaSolone. Professional quality and ask all the right questions. Perfect performance and on top of all of that, probably the most organized voice actor I have worked with, working with her lines was a breeze.
    I highly recommend TheaSolone and look forward to working with her again!

  • @austin-ao-mcnamara

    Reached out to Thea personally to ask her to voice a special role in my production that I was worried I would never find the right voice for. Hit the nail right on the head when I made that decision, however, because she knocked it out of the park beyond our expectations. Quick delivery, responsiveness to comments and notes on her performance, and extremely friendly. She fits right in with our cast, so I have no doubt she could in any who wanted her in theirs.

  • @deleted6059

    Multiple takes, all of which were amazing, she was fast, easy to work with, and delivered quality voice over work. Happy to have her on board!

  • @deleted388550

    Thea gave a great performance as Toon Link, and is overall a very professional, VERY positive person, who I would definitely recommend for your cast!

  • @soletwinaudios

    Thea is an exceptional voice actress and I really enjoyed working with her on my project, "Reminisce With Me." Professional, courtesy, and timely, I would highly recommend others consider working with Thea! I know I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again. :)

  • @archinatic

    Thea Solone joined our project 'The Great Cities' as a voice actor. She takes her voice work very seriously, is very receptive to feedback and was perfectly capable of providing a Scandinavian accent. It is clear to me she has a wide range of capabilities and is eager to learn new things about voice acting every day. I know from experience voice actors often struggle with combat lines. Well, Thea Solone delivers them perfectly. Very happy to have her on the team!

  • @spinysky

    The is an amazing voice actress that will always try her hardest. She is very positive in conversations and does her lines on time. I highly recommend her.

  • @darthvaleria

    I've never seen such beautiful and passionate female voice before
    She's experienced and also faster for her job, I'm impressed

    She worked in my Thrawn Machinima
    And I gotta say her voice fits for every kind of characters, even military

    I'm glad to have her a part of my project
    And I'm hoping to see her in my future projects

  • @flashstreak1

    Not only that Thea is very professional to work with but she is super fun to interact with. When we talked about the character that she was voicing for "LEGO The Mandalorian" video, I gave her complete freedom to bring her character to life and my god she nailed it the first time. Thea is really talented and very creative, she knows how to bring characters to life really well. Honestly I would love to work with Thea again in the future and I highly recommend casting her for your projects. Trust me.

  • @zvw1995

    Thea brought such a chilling but very powerful voice to Poison Ivy in my DC Audio Drama. She had perfect timing of lines and used the perfect emotions at the right time in line delivery itself. I'm very pleased to have worked her on this project and hope to work with her on possibly more in the near future! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an actress because she truly does give it her all and the results speak for themselves...well, usually by her but you get what I mean!

  • @stealthobject29

    Thea has an amazing range and is very understanding of the characters she voices. IT was a breath of fresh air to work with someone who knows a lot about the characters they are portraying. She had given me multiple takes that were hard to choose from and was willing to work with me to improve them if needed.

  • @recnekoh

    I am the director for a passion project machinima called The Adventure of Plant. Despite no promise of compensation, she put forth a FANTASTIC performance as a one-shot villain in the pilot episode (which is currently in production). I would definitely recommend her for other projects!

  • @deyoku

    Thea Solone is absolutely amazing! Good performence when delivering voice lines. And I was stunned when I heard her change her tone/range when displaying different examples of what she is capable of. Moreover she is simply fun to talk to and work with.

  • @mokinghd

    Thea Solone is a great voice actor, one of the most talented ones I have ever heard. She truly cares about the project, and not only the project, but the the people making it too. She is a very encouraging, and understanding person, which helps a lot. Working with her was very fun, and joyful, and I miss every second of it.

  • @delbellz

    Surprisingly enough, she was actually the first voice actress I ever heard before I actually joined the Casting Call Club to pursue voice acting and having heard so many of her incredible auditions, she is by far one of the best I've heard! Not going to lie I was a bit intimidated at first thinking I don't have what it takes voice wise but she was super encouraging, sweet, and very honest about the way the voiceover industry operates and every time I see another audition from her, she inspires me every day to be better in my craft. It is indeed an honor to be in so many projects with her side by side and hopefully one day her and I will have the opportunity to get to work together professionally in voice acting one day :) Look no further, she will be the biggest and greatest asset to your team! I am absolutely in love with her voice! <3 Keep on rocking it Thea! :D

  • @doingmybest

    Wow! I don't even know where to begin with Thea! She was extremely professional with the entire project. She read the script, recorded multiple versions of her lines, and gave them back in a very quick turn around time. She is a very talented actor and I hope I have the chance to work with her in the future!

  • @vel_king

    you have a great voice and i love your link, i wish to be somewhat as good as you one day, my main aspiration is to be a voice actor doesn't matter if I'm hardly noticed as long as im noticed ill be satisfied with my life. anyways your great keep up the work

  • @briceisrice

    Thea is a fantastic talent! She voiced Wave for me in a short fandub video I made. Thea delivered her lines very quickly, to have a very high standard. She acted the lines true to character and made sure to send completely different takes to give me plenty of variety to work with. An asset to my project and I'm sure yours too!

  • @timofei

    We worked together for a project! It was a scene of The Three Musketeers. Milady plots with Richelieu. She did wonderfully as Milady! Her range is perfect for a villainess that has wit and authority! She is incredibly talented and I would love to work with her anyway!