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About MaxThatActs

Howdy! Thanks for checking me out, that's something I appreciate immensely. Don't know how you found me, but it's cool to see you reading this. Yes, I can sense that you're reading this - there's no stopping me now. 

You can call me Max or Maxadrian (I'll answer to anything though)

Freelance Voice Actor | Audio Editor 

Year(s) Voice Acting Experience

18 years of age

 I normally voice male characters ranging from Teenager (12-18) to Young Adult (18-20) but I can sometimes be very versatile with various characters depending on their description.

 I use Reaper (Post Production) / WavePad (record) 

 Usually  I post process most of my recordings/auditions unless told otherwise or raw recording files required.

My voice is around mid to high range but can be versatile to mid to low, but I  speak comfortably at a mid range.

 Timezone - PST 

I'm often available to record when lines are needed, unless notified otherwise.

I strive to give only the best quality of work to my directors/voice actors. If you don't believe I'm giving you that, feel free to message me and I'll redo it for you no problem! 


  • @golly-g

    MaxThatActs was the male lead of my unfinished project, Heartbreak Cafe. He was very cool to work with. Friendly, funny, and punctual. He messed up his recording on the first round, and quickly fixed the issue and got the recorded lines to me. Great voice actor.

  • @xaviersims

    Max was Jack E. Lantern in this latest lego short film I did, called "Jack E. Lantern 2 + Quarantine X-3". He was brilliant in it, and he was fun to work with.

  • @shinyturtw1g

    I've had the pleasure of working with Max on several projects as a fellow voice actor. He is an extremely talented actor, and a great addition to any team. I look forward to working on all future projects we may end up cast together on and would happily recommend him to any project!

  • @_thenerdyginger_

    I haven't known Max for too long now, but I have the honor of working on a very cool project with him! In the short time I have worked with him, I have found him to be incredibly talented, hard-working and constantly striving to do his best. He has a fantastic attitude and is a blast to work with while still maintaining a professionalism that is quite impressive. I recommend him highly as he will be a valuable asset to any team.

  • @kgreenshield

    Max has been such a pleasure to work with, he conducts himself very professionally, PLUS he's such a joy to be around. I've personally been very impressed with his work and his positive attitude. His VO talents would greatly benefit any project, I highly recommend him!

  • @rubyjcat

    Max voiced for my video game dubbing project.
    I was pleasantly surprised with his strong work ethic, quick turnaround, willingness to work with the client, and ability to improve his acting tremendously with direction.
    Max has shown to be extremely passionate about acting. He's always learning and trying out new ways to perform lines and will put his full efforts into any project. He's also a funny, positive, and humble guy. I couldn't recommend him enough - definitely someone to keep an eye on in the VA industry!

  • @monday-pictures

    We had the pleasure of working with Max on our animated short film " Once Upon a Kingdom". He showed an incredible professional attitude for such a young age, and impressed us greatly with his acting range and dedication. Recommended.

  • @jennaoliverva

    I have had the pleasure of working with Max on quite a few projects now, and I have to say he is incredibly supportive and an extremely hard worker. Quick to turn in lines and receptive to feedback. Max's acting is phenomenal. He embodies each character he is portraying, conveying believable emotion with clear enunciation. A true asset to any project lucky enough to have him as part of the cast! I highly recommend Max for projects!