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Hell yeah, brother, I'm back in black after redacted of not doing voices.

  • @hc-ogden

    Listen to his many different voices, all extremely high quality!!! His auditions on his profile are incredible!! I've just received an audition from this voice actor and after checking out his other work I can safely say I'm SO EXCITED TO WORK WITH HIM!!

  • @brandon-sum

    What can I say... he's incredibly talented & can do so many different voices! He always hits it right on the mark when it comes to certain characters' dialogues! Characters like Raiden or Shao Kahn in my Mortal Kombat audio comic projects! I appreciate him for stepping in to help me fill out those roles for the projects & it's been such a pleasure working with him! I'll be more than happy to have him on board for another project in the future! 10/10 would recommend!

  • @deleted296738

    I haven't worked with this guy yet, but I'm already super impressed! I stumbled across one of his auditions (Scrooge McDuck) and was just floored because he sounds so much like Alan Young! If you need a good impression, this is your guy! Also, wonderful rendition of Jack Skellington!