Hehe Mysterious you don't know what I will do next. 

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About MysteriousVoice

Hello there! Welcome to my profile page my name is Daniel I'm currently 28 years old. This year I decided to pursue my life long dream to become a voice actor. I have a passion and drive that keeps pushing me forward and I love this site and projects I work on cause I meet some talented people. I am easy to contact on here or discord if anyone wants to talk or want me to help them with their project. 

Discord: MysteriousVA#4956

Youtube videos I voiced for: 

[Fandub] The Elevator (FakeTsuki) [Fandub] The Elevator

Ben 10 X BNHA【Comic Dub】// At Last [Hanta Sero]

Currently Casted/Ongoing Projects
Alphon/Aragon - (Original Animated Series) - Legends of Myiorda!
Drexel Ferdinand - Star Wars: Sparks of Hope - Season 1 (Jedi Academy Machinima Series)
Hanta Sero - My Hero Academia Save! Rescue Training! OVA Fandub! 
Hanta Sero - My Hero Academia Manga Fandub! (Chapter 307 - 327)
Strafe - TransformersL The Quintesson's Revenge  (Temporarily On hold No updates from director). 

  • @wouhbin

    Where to start with Dan??? He is such a great talent, and working with him was a delight! Not only is he super friendly and easy to talk to, he is a very skilled impressionist, improviser, and actor. He is very quick with improving a whole conversation as a character, and can convincingly (and impressively) keep up the voice the whole time and keep it consistent. Dan is one to watch out for. He is such a cool guy with heaps of talent! I loved working with him, and I'd love to again! Casting him is a choice you will NOT regret!