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Amber Garcia

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About Amber Garcia

  "Confident, Daring, and Ridiculously Talented!" - Cody Dorkin (Owner of Studio 24)

            Amber Garcia is a 23-year-old American voice actress located in Sacramento, California. She began on-stage acting in 2009 and discovered her passion for voice acting in 2016.  In that time, she's recorded for a plethora of projects from radio advertisements to explainer videos, to a variety of fictional characters. She is currently attending Sierra College, majoring in Performing Arts, with hopes to pursue a career in voice-over. If you're looking for a professional, energetic, and passionate voice talent, this spunky young gal has got ya covered. 




  • Cornerstone Christian School Drama Class (3 yrs) - Greg Uttinger

  • Sierra College Intro to Acting Classes 1&2 - Scott Adams 

  • Voice-over Private Coaching: Studio 24 - Cody Dorkin

Voice-over Workshops: 

  • Suchavoice VO Webinar - Brian Thon

  • Suchavoice Workshop - Nancy Wilson

  • Studio 24 VO workshop - Cody Dorkin


- Radio Advertisement for Cornerstone Christian school’s drama production of Sense and Sensibility.

- Online orientation walk-through for

- YouTube Projects (Original animation, comic dubs, fandubs, etc)


            Scattershot (A thesis film)                  Sticks                         Jade Smania

             RWBY V6 Fight Remake                   Yang                          Cake Station

            Shrader Coffee Co.            Advertisement Voice-over          Jake Smothers Films

            Ground Type (original song)       Female character              Randy Greer

Your Lie in April Fandub                      Kaori                         Vongola Tenth Dubs

RWBY Animated/Fan-made series     Yang                       Valory Pierce   

             Scalping Jedi Explainer Video               Narrator                          Aaron Lujan


Annie Jr.                                        Annie                 Cornerstone Christian School - Greg Uttinger

Annie                                             Annie                            Rocklin Community Theater - Jill Page

Hats Off to Broadway  Annie                               CYT Sacramento Summer Camp

The Pirates of Penzance Daughter           Cornerstone Christian School - Greg Uttinger

A Christmas Carol                         Caroler Cornerstone Christian School - Greg Uttinger

The Sound of Music                      Nun Cornerstone Christian School - Greg Uttinger         

A Midsummer Night’s Dream  Puck       Cornerstone Christian School - Greg Uttinger

Sense and Sensibility                   Marianne           Cornerstone Christian School - Greg Uttinger

She’s Fabulous Bethel                  Directorial Debut Production - Shoana Hunt

The Addams Family Musical         Ancestor Sierra College Theater Arts  - Scott Adams

The Actor’s Nightmare                  Meg  Student-Directed One-Acts - Shoana Hunt


"Honey, I'm Home" - Wife/Abby

"Opening Night" - Stage Manager

"Dreamsape" - Lady Katherine/Kate

  • @saitogami1

    Alright... how many good things can I say about this fantastic individual? There is a lot that comes to mind but the one word that appears in my head when I think about this person is "genuine".
    I was able to meet Amberger about a month ago, when I was able to get a role in her voice-over project regarding "Kaichou Wa Maid Sama!", and instantly, she was able to connect with me one-on-one, introduce herself, and let me know the logistics of the project. While that seems all technical and such, those are traits you want to see as a VA when you are wanting to connect with the director.
    What stuck out to me the most though about Amberger, besides her fantastic attitude, friendliness, and focus on making her project the best it could be, was her genuine love for what she is doing. You can just see it through the messages she writes to her VAs and also through the effort she puts into making everyone feel comfortable in their roles. I could see that she had a love to direct after she introduced herself and showed her great enthusiasm with getting everything done. Having her as my director not only pumped me up but made me excited to the point where I did all my lines in one night! I wanted to make her project the best she envisioned, and this was all driven by her direction and care she had for the project as a whole.
    If you are a VA, other director, video editor, or music composer trying to find a person to work for, this is the person to get in contact with. Like I said, her genuine love to make the project the best it can be and motivate her VAs to achieve their best potential is a rare trait to find in directors nowadays. I highly recommend working with her and as a voice actor that has worked under her before now, I hope I can do the same!