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About Jonathon_vo

I'm Jonathon -

Represented in Los Angeles, Imperium7

I always strive for excellence in my pursuits. There's no better feeling
than being behind a mic and voice acting lets me channel my passion and
leaves me feeling giddy and I love it. I've done fundraiser work for KUER Public Radio, open mic stand up comedy at Wiseguys and regularly announced roller derby for Wasatch Roller Derby before leaving Utah!

Ultimately, I decided to push for a career in voice over with the hopes of bringing
others the same joy I've felt in meeting others in the
industry and learning from them. Bringing characters to life allows my
imagination to flourish and there's nothing quite like it.

In my spare time, I enjoy gaming, comics,  great food and writing, for which I had my own blog.

Best wishes to you in all your creative endeavors,


  • @flatlight-productions

    Brilliant guy to work with. The lines were delivered on time, the guy listened to all of my instructions clearly, and the end result was really stunning. Chatting with him was also very pleasant! I'd LOVE to work with this lad again! He knows his voice acting stuff very well.

  • @hadas-rose

    Jonathon is friendly, receptive, and has great acting chops. He finished his lines in record time and was open to suggestions. He is a great team member and I would work with him again!

  • @funny-man-jeff

    Jonathon is a great voice actor. He found about my small little project and helped me all the way through like a friend, while still being professional. He delivered his lines with great emotion, and I was always amazed at the quality of his deliveries of them. It was a pleasure working with him.

  • @littlemissyotome

    It has been an absolute joy to work with Jonathon again, and have him voice Steven once more in my Audio Drama Series "What is Love?" after voicing Steven in my first ever Visual Novel "Kidnapped!!!"
    Jonathon takes pride in his work and has an amazing talent to perfectly voice any character he is assigned to.
    He is extremely punctual when delivering his lines, is easy to direct and is always open to suggestions on how to deliver his lines for his character.
    Not only has Jonathon become a valuable member of my team for my current and past project, but I am also proud and honored to have him as a lifelong friend.
    If you are looking for a Male Voice Actor who is talented, funny, easy to talk to, and an overall wonderful person to work with, then Jonathon is your guy!
    I highly recommend working with him! You will be in for a treat!

  • @universalfiction

    Jonathon is very responsive, friendly, and amazing to work with! Although it was for a small role, I could tell that he would be a joy to work with for a long term project.

  • @cryshulvo

    Jonathon portrayed two characters for my project. One of them only had one line, but it was a really over the top comedic line that he performed fantastically! The other one had 3 different voices and he executed that character flawlessly. Without him the project would not have been the same. He is very professional and talented. I highly recommend him!

  • @meowthrocket

    They sent in an audition that brought a new level to a character to where we are actively trying to give him more lines.

    This guy has got TALENT and a GREAT future.