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About k-athleen

I'm Kathleen Russell

My pronouns are she/her, and I typically voice female characters.

You can see a voice sampleĀ here.

  • @otellino

    k-athleen provided the voicework for female Enclave Officers in my Fallout 4 Modification. She was very easy to reach, was excited to be a part of the project and was a joy to work with. Would be more than happy to work with her again in the future!

  • @delta-573

    K-athleen provided here voice in my Star Wars Machinima series. She helped me out when I asked here and the way she voiced here charactes was just awsome! She was kind, really was excited to be a part and did just an awsome job. I could contacted here without any problems and she did here work in no time. I am just so glad, that we had the chance to work together and I am certain, there will be more opportunitys in the future. Thank you for everything!

  • @darthvaleria

    K-athleen is a woman of her words, a nice person and a very prospering actor
    I'm glad i worked with her in my star wars machinima projects
    And I'm hoping to work with her in the future ^_^

    She can do any kind of voices you need
    Hire her
    My rate is 10/10

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    Fast delivery with good audio quality and multiple takes. Would definitely recommend.