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About KebbyVA


     Hi! Kebby here. Pronouns are He/Him or They/Them. I'm a voice actor that's been working for somewhat over a year, trying my best to widen my range and experience in the field. I hope we can work together!


     My range is usually more comfortable from mid-high to low voices. I can also sing (somewhat), as well as speaking native spanish. This encompasses characters such as late teenager characters, to older adult characters.

Discord: Bababooey#2311
Twitter: @thegremlinkebby

     If you wish to contact me for your projects, I'd rather you do so over Discord (or Twitter, for some reason). I will probably also do so here in CCC, but for better response times and overall comfort for talking, I'd prefer Discord. Thank you! :D

Best of luck!

  • @n3fspr1ng

    I worked on a fan-film project with him, he's a great voice actor, and outside of that, he's a great friend.

  • @horror-shop-radio

    I cast Ken02VA as "Brian" in an episode of my audio drama podcast. He has excellent delivery and performed the role exactly as I had imagined. He brought alot of heart and emotion to the role. Great communication and easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone and would love to have him on the show again!

  • @lotussama

    Kebby is an amazing voice actor with an incredible voice! he has a very good range. He is also an incredible friend and he is very sweet! ^^ You shouldn't hesitate to cast him!

  • @nicholasfosterva

    Kenny is an amazing voice actor, pure and simple. His range is impeccable and his tone is smooth. He is also one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. If you have the opportunity, cast him for your project, you won’t regret it!

  • @dotdotdottie

    In the short period that I've known Kebby, I can confidently say that he is one of the most talented people I have ever met !!~
    His voice work is absolutely amazing and top quality. Kebby has such an amazing voice that suits a variety of projects~
    He's responsible and dedicated, never failing to impress. He always meets deadlines and someone you'd definitely want to have in your project !
    Kebby is genuinely such a great person and an amazing friend !! He's absolutely someone you would want on your team, please consider him for any projects you may have !! <3

  • @not-on-helium

    First of all, if you're looking for canon Byakuya Togami, you needn't look any further. Kebby has the perfect pitch, tone, and inflection! And not just for Byakuya- Kebby’s voice is one that suits so many characters and personalities. His acting talent is not to be overlooked either! Kebby has an amazing range that constantly surprises me, and will definitely do the same to you. His consistency and responsibility as a voice actor only boost these wonderful traits! Kebby’s lines are always very high quality, and he's extremely responsive to feedback and adjusts with ease. As a friend, Kebby is hilarious, kind, and an overall lovely presence to have in any project. It’s impossible not to like him! He blends in with any group of personalities and brightens everyone's day. Conversations with him are always engaging and fun, just like Kebby himself! He’s got a big heart, an open mind, and a constantly supportive nature. Kebby has so much talent and potential as a voice actor, and even more merit as a person. He’s irreplaceable in any cast! Don't miss out on this chance!

  • @applre

    cast kebby for literally everything ever
    that is all bye

  • @gtvoices

    Kebby. Kebby, kebby, kebberton.

    Kebby is an amazingly talented VA, his range varies in accents and pitch. The emotion he adds to his characters are always amazing to listen to, his work speed is also quite fast! He's also just an all round person, kind, sweet, funny, he's just a great guy to be around! You really won't regret adding him to your project. :)