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About VoicesOfNina

With over five years of experience as a voice actor and narrator, I’m an LGBTQIA+ Serbian-Australian female voice actor and narrator with professional quality recording studios in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. My style is playfully gritty; a mix of rugged Aussie, whimsical imagination and a knack for accents.

Whether you need voiceovers for:
ğŸŽ® video games
🤖 animation
ğŸŽž dubbing
📺 commercials
📈 brand videos & trailers
ğŸŽ“ e-learning
📚 audiobooks
or any other project!
Quick turnaround. High quality. Easy as pie 🥧 (Yummy!)

I have voiced award-winning projects for (mega)corps, small businesses and indie creatives alike, including Google, WeightWatchers, CEDIA, Swinburne, SuperEvil MegaCorp, League of Geeks, Krillbite, Packhowl Productions, the Lunar Co., Lil Baker Films... the list goes on!

From approachable or articulate narration, to horrifying, eccentric or grounded characters, I offer flexiblity and commitment to my performance in a broad range of roles.


Most projects I work on will require a minimum session fee. Please feel free to contact me for a quote!

What VoicesOfNina is looking for

I prefer working on original projects.

  • @jackiejorgenson

    Nina elevated a supporting role with her brilliant performance in the first season of my original fairy tale audio drama, Tales From The Aether. She brought a real nuance to his role that made the world feel that much richer.

    Nina was an absolute professional on this project, providing all files before the deadline and getting back to my messages in a timely manner. She was a pleasure to collaborate with.

  • @ashante-bacon

    Kidkerrigan voiced scorpia in a she-ra comic dub for me and she did an amazing job, she was able to fully deliver scorpia`s character, her character is always happy, bubbly and just over all a happy person and she did just that and with in a short amount of time to, had no problems with her what so ever, she`s very professional and would highly recommend her for any project because she will do an amazing job at it

  • @jetfalco

    Nina/KidKerrigan was an absolute pleasure to work with and I'm honored to include her voice skill within the Mondrea Memories audio production. She recorded every line with clarity and took direction incredibly well to supply a performance that went beyond her call. I hope to work with her more in future projects!

  • @reallolattack

    Nina/KidKerrigan was a complete joy to work with, and her delivery was exactly how I envisioned the character she was playing to sound. She brought a huge amount of life into my project and I can't wait to work with her again.

  • @letsplaygamez

    Nina is such a fantastic voice actress, she got all of her lines in quickly, and was super nice to work with. Nothing but the best for her.

  • @djanjie

    An amazing voice actress and an angel to work with. As my first time using this website and entering the world of projects, she has helped me kindly and patiently. The emotion she puts into her acting makes her a great actress! Will highly recommend!

  • @danman529

    KidKerrigan is an amazing voice actress! She took all direction well, and delivered her lines perfectly and in a timely manner! Her voice work is of extremely high quality, and her ability to adapt to various scenes proves she is a skilled voice artist.
    She is very professional to work with, and is always open to criticism when given. She is an outstanding team player, and is always seeking out ways to help production.
    Overall she is an amazing human being, filled with optimism and joy. Even though we've only worked for a short time, I knew she was dedicated and talented from the start.
    I hope we will get to work together again soon. It'll be an honor to have her on any production!

  • 2023 Voice Actor/Actress (Captain Kara Niraj)
  • 2021 Voice Actor/Actress (Captain Kara Niraj)