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About Empath

Hey there! I'm a Canadian singer and voice actor looking to contribute to some amazing projects. I also write, play music (vocals, drums, bass), and audio engineer for music and podcasts. I've always dreamed of using my voice to elicit joy, sadness, laughter, anger, and beyond.

I have experience in animation, audio drama, video games, and audiobooks.

George Brown College - 2021

Voice Acting Foundations

Instructed by Steven Hobe

Closing Credits - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Brendan Hunter

Please contact me for rates.

  • @chloesunflora

    I've been working with Nicholas for the past few months with using his talent for two separate characters, not only has he been an excellent talent and taken both characters very well, he's also been on time for line delivery and has been doing an amazing job with getting the emotions of his work down with him.

    Alongside that, he's very friendly and approachable for any re-do's and just general talking outside of the project with the others involved in it. So, that's an additional plus!

  • @jamezplayzgamez0

    Amazing voice actor. His Eggman voice is amazing as well!

  • @brittanysan44

    I've only worked with Nicholas for one series so far, but I can surely say that he shall be a mainstay on my channel! He's a very nice and funny guy to work with and has an amazing Sonic voice to boot.