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About Daniel_Davidson

Daniel Davidson is an aspiring voice actor and video editor.  His talents range from commercial copy to character voicing.  As a self-taught stop-motion animator, he creates his own content on YouTube by both capturing and editing footage.  Has taken college classes on Blender and continues to familiarize himself with Valve's Source Filmmaker.  His eventual goal is to be self-employed and contract out for both small and large clientele.  He also is a moderator for the Casting Call Club Discord group.

  • @dereck-luckadoo

    Daniel was the first friend I made in college and not long after we became friends he told me about a Halo animation he was working on and that he needed some voice actors for it so I told him I could voice whoever he needed, Daniel is a talented animator, editor, voice actor, actor and overall he's a great guy and an even better friend, if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be voice acting today. I highly recommend him for about anything.

  • @thelongbomb

    Daniel Davidson has a great passion for voice acting and puts a lot of effort towards it. He has also helped me write, and given me tips for my own works which he voiced in. He has several amazing stop motions on his YouTube channel and he can help out with more than just voice acting. Getting to work with him has been great and he inspired me to better my writing and revise entire plot points that needed work.

  • @gcs1992

    I have casted Daniel for the role of "Fred" and "Fezziwig" for "A Christmas Carol Reborn" project. He was a talented voice actor and is very clear, audible, and professional. He also meet deadlines well ahead of time and is also willing to fill in additional roles in your project to get the project done. That said, he also maintains great two-way communication during the production stage of the project. Overall, he is a great person to work with and I am sure he will be a great asset to help you finish your project well ahead of the release schedule. I highly recommend this voice actor to any director that is out there.

  • @wmcmanus00

    Daniel is sensational at what he does and delivers nothing but satisfaction for the role given. He has worked with me and brought great volume and improvising of certain characters in my projects, truly a remarkable quality. A pleasure to always work with!

  • @cascade-nerida

    Daniel was very easy to work with. He provided a script promptly, and it was fantastic to see the project get completed so quickly. I would definitely work with Daniel again!

  • @simmerprincess

    Daniel is an amazing guy I've worked with, he is also the voice of Father Dyer and the demon inside Regan in my Exorcist Novel series. He's damn great!