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About New World Adventures

Not just an audio book, this book will have SFX and music added in post. Episode 1 will be available for free for everyone (https://1drv.ms/b/s!Ap4vkK0n_GJBnhJgHrPNMqQa9Ibv for the printable text version), however episodes 2-4 I will hopefully be making money from. (Hey, you never know.)

All participants in this project will get:

- A paperback perfect bound copy of the book before it's released. (Book contains episodes 1-4)
- A link to episode 1 in as many formats as possible.
- Private links to episodes 2-4, which they may share with their family and friends, but may not under any circumstances release publicly on the internet.
- Whatever payment they negotiated during the audition phase.

Money things:
I'm on a shoestring budget, so I'll be accepting offers to work for free wherever possible. However, if your voice is worth it, I will find the money somehow.

We'll talk. If you're the best offer, it's yours. If you want to make money, audition for the less popular roles.

Selection Process:
No matter how many auditions I get, I promise to give feedback to each and every one of you. My process is one of elimination, so I will only tell you why you were eliminated. I will make several passes of all the submissions in the following order:
1. Audio quality. If there is background noise, or if you set your microphone too sensitive for your voice volume, you're out. It's not cheating to use software to remove any background noises you may have, because that's what I'll be doing in post production anyway. I don't need to hear what it will sound like before I fix it.
2. Did you get a word wrong? This is an audition for an audio book. If the text says "it is" and you say "it's", I'm sorry, but that's not what the text says. If I were recording for a film or cartoon, I can rewrite the subtitles after, but the book is already done. I'm not going to change it if you mess up a line.
3. Did you get the emotion right? If the character is angry, don't worry about sounding angry. You need to be angry. Make yourself angry. If you're just pretending to be angry, the audience will know. Likewise with afraid, excited, nervous, sad, or whatever. Also, NEVER pretend to yell. If you have a yelling line, adjust microphone's sensitivity and scare the living crap out of your neighbours. If you get a visit from the police checking up on you after, you probably recorded the line perfectly.
4. Does your voice fit, and can I afford you? I put these two in the same step because I can't really split them. If you're the only person who's made it this far, I'll probably pay you whatever you want. Though if one person is cheap and doesn't fit, and another is expensive but a perfect fit... I don't know. Each role, I'll have a section in the description titled "In my head:" and this is my fantasy about who I'd love to cast. However, I am open to the possibility of absolutely falling in love with your voice even if it's absolutely nothing like what's in my head. So don't let that put you off. Feel free to try a few different voices in your audition, but make sure your best one is first in case I don't get time to listen to the others.

Production Process:
-We book a time for me to live direct you.
-I give you all your lines in three documents. 1. The completed book. 2. The completed book with all the bits you're not in deleted. 3. Just your lines, by themselves.
-I get your home address so I can send you a free copy of the book.
-Through Skype, or whatever technology you're comfortable with, I'll listen and hopefully watch your performance as you record. As a director, I only care that the words and emotion is correct. If you have that right, it really doesn't matter which word you accent, where you speed up, where you slow down, etc. I'll be reading along, and if I notice a word or emotion that's off, I'll ask you to do it again. You'll be free to ask me a question at any time, for example "Is this line supposed to be sarcastic or not?" is extremely important to find out if you don't know. At the end of each session, you'll need to send me the high quality version of your audio file.
-Once all recordings are complete, I'll edit episode 1, removing background noise, normalising volume, and getting the pacing between the recordings perfect. Everyone involved will be sent a copy as soon as it's ready.
-Then I do a SFX pass of episode 1. Again everyone will be sent a copy as soon as it's ready.
-Repeat for episodes 2, 3, and 4.
-The books I sent you at the start of this process may arrive about now.
-The music pass. I will be using Filmstro Pro to create dynamic music quickly and easily, so I may complete all four episodes in one day, but regardless, I will send out each the moment they are finished.
-The launch. I will be trying to get episode 1 out absolutely everywhere for everyone to see. All links will be sent to everyone involved. Also links to where episodes 2-4 can be purchased.

The Story Itself:
After another difficult and monotonous week of fighting off bandits, raiding tombs, and slaying dragons, Darrak the dwarf, Erdan the elven wizard, and Alek the fighter find themselves bored and longing for adventure. The game New World Adventures provides such an opportunity, in which they may imagine a world long after the extinction of the non-human races, a fantasy future with magical items such as cars, debit cards, and smartphones.
Follow the tale of James (Alek), Michael (Darrak), and Robert (Alek’s reluctant wife, Gwenevere) in their fantastical adventures to find love, employment, and become the greatest accountants the world has ever known!

About the Creator: Jon

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold