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About kimgasicielvo

Hello! My name is Kim Gasiciel. I have 20+ years of performance experience and vocal training, and a deep passion for art, video games, drawing, music, and writing. I've worked on a bunch of different types of projects, including short films, webseries, radio dramas, parodies, and more. I am open to a variety of opportunities.

When not performing, I'm probably retweeting pictures of seals or Kirby.

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Demos & Samples

Kim Gasiciel - Commercial Demo

Produced by Donovan Weyland, featuring warm, friendly, smart commercial reads.

Kim Gasiciel - Video Game/Interactive Demo

Produced by Chuck Duran at Demos That Rock, featuring an eerie villain, a salty tough teen, a chiding mother, and more!

Kim Gasiciel - Animation Demo

Produced by Toonhouse

  • @boredom333

    Kimgasicielvo was an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly professional and delivered top quality voice over work. Regardless of whatever role you need filled, she will exceed all expectations!

  • @tintenseher

    Timely, a fantastic talent, a wide range, friendly, and provided plenty of high-quality material to use. A pleasure to work with.

  • @dannymendiola

    Very talented and professional -- provided high quality audio and a performance that exceeded all my expectations. I'd recommend Kimgasicielvo for any project and would certainly work with her again.

  • @mrbohemian

    Kimgasicielvo played the part of Chromie in The Dreamers: A Play of Playing, a full length theater script and WoW machinima.

    I love quirky characters. Kim immediately won my heart when she could voice a darling gnome with all the energy and optimism World of Warcraft's race of gnomes are known for. Attentive to articulation, even when her voice swallowed helium.

  • @cornucopiaradio

    It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kim. She provided excellent line readings, was enthusiastic about the project and took direction brilliantly. She'd be an asset to any production!