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About Lustrias- an episodic fantasy audio drama and visual novel!


                                                                                                   Welcome to the Lustrias project! ^_^

                                                                                                                                        UPDATED June 6th 2018!


    Lustrias is the story of a perverted game designer named Nicholas Reinhardt, and his step sister Emily being taken to multiple realms in order to defeat Melenite and his demon army. Along the way, Nicholas and Emily meet many unique and sultry characters. Including; an obsessive succubus, a lazy princess elf, a vampire who is afraid to bite people, and an anally oriented werewolf girl, just to name a few. 

    Nicholas and Emily are also put into mortal danger on a seemingly daily basis. They just seem to attract misfortune like a magnet. Through it all, their band of unlikely heroes come together and conquer every challenge put in front of them. Except when they fight over poor Nicholas, it's a blood bath for sure! :P


    Lustrias is an episodic audio drama and visual novel. So, we will be posting a new episode on Itunes and Amazon once a month. Each episode will run roughly about an hour each. We're looking for a crew of people with some awesome voices to help us flesh out the mountains of dialogue needed to tell the story. We're looking to tell this story like a 12 episode fantasy anime. So there will be an intro and outro song. Also, a lot of the usual anime tropes are present within the material, giving a sort of parody feeling.  So think, what if Fairytail and High School DxD had  baby together.

The visual novel is currently under production and will be available around Christmas 2019. A ton of new characters and roles will now be opened to help with that.


     Each person will have an equal chance to show us what you've got! This is your time to show off and impress us, so don't give us half of your energy. We want to see what you think this character will sound like, act like, be like. Get into their head and feel their emotions as if they were yours, and let it out! We can't tell you how many times we've auditioned for a role on stage, and totally nailed it because we gave it everything we had. Even if we didn't get the role, we knew deep down we gave it 100%. 

    Almost all the characters will have at least three lines to record for. We tried our best to choose lines that we thought would best showcase to us what you can bring to the character. 

    We would prefer the auditions to be in a .WAV format. We don't want any compression of the sound. But, if you don't have that capability, then you present your audition in an .mp3 file.

    We are also looking for our leads to sing the opening theme song for the show. So make sure you pick a favorite song to sing for us.

    Some of the characters only have one or two lines because they have bit parts. But please give us the best you can. Sometimes the guy with one line can steal the show. ;)

    If you truly feel that your recording sucked and you want to redo it, then please do so. We will keep the roles open until midnight on April 7th. So you have a window of opportunity to submit to us your best rendition.

    Finally, everyone can submit auditions for multiple characters. God knows there's a ton of them! So if you feel that you might fit another role, then by all means try out for it! :D


    All payments will be through Paypal. They will be sent to each individual actor/actress once each episode is finished. So you will be given 1/12th of your total allotment for episode 1. 


LEAD ROLE: $10 per episode

SUPPORTING ROLE: $5 per episode

SMALL ROLE: $2.50 per episode

EXTRA: $1 per episode

    Any failure to produce your lines without a proper excuse ahead of time (i.e death in the family, serious illness, birth in the family, moving to new location) will result in a lowered payment or none at all. Please make sure you have the schedule open to do all 12 episodes for the next several months in a row. If you have any doubts about that, then you can either message us with your concerns, or simply apply to another project. We need a dedicated crew to see this to the end. We would hate to have to recast a character two months in or something.

Everyone involved with the project will receive:

#1 Payment.
#2 Credit on both the CD and the Visual Novel.
#3 A physical CD once the entire project is finished.

#4 Free digital copies of each episode.

#5 A copy of the visual novel.

#6 A chance to better them self, and grow as an actor.

#7 Hopefully will have a ton of fun making something so unique.

If anyone does an amazing job on their role then they might receive a higher payment for that episode. :)


    We need a crew of talented cats with good to really good equipment. We shouldn't have to go through hundreds of files and nit pic every background noise, buzz, or pop that  is present. So quality is key!

The schedule will be thus:

June 6th through July 28th will be auditions.

We will cast people as they come in for extras and such. Once the final date arrives then all remaining roles will be closed.

August 24-26 is our Matsuricon visit in Columbus, Ohio.

March 2019 will be the release of the final episode of season 1 of the Lustrias audio drama.

Christmas 2019 will be the release date of the visual novel.

An anime is also in the works. ;)


    We would also like to point out that not everyone will be starting right away. Just those with the episode that we currently are under, which of this posting is episode 3. 

    The role of Nicholas Reinhardt and Captain Orangebeard will be played by non other than our own George Keller. He is also the writer for the series. He had this to say " Look out ladies, I am your leading man!" ;)

    The main picture of the listing was done by a wonderful artist that we hired named Aditya. All the other pictures used are a combination of the visual novel photographs by Hannah Potts and images found on Google.

In the end, have fun, and don't be afraid to shine! 

Good luck to all of our actors <3

The Lustrias Team

P.S If you really like this project, then you can share this project with your friends and family. 

Matsuricon Meet N' Greet: https://www.facebook.com/events/615217515482985/

You can also follow us on our Twitter here --->  https://twitter.com/lustriasproject

Join our Facebook Group here ---> Lustrias Facebook Group

Thanks  ^_^

George Keller


Green Moon Productions

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