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About Safe-By-Voice

I've decided to take my Voice Acting Career a bit more seriously, so here I am~

I tend to work best though Discord or E-Mails when working in group projects, though I'd have to balance communication between my IRL job, so whilst communication may be limited I'll always get audio in on time.

  • @deleted114221

    Safe-By-Voice was a really nice person to work with! He hands in voice lines on time and always tells us if he's going inactive for a bit! I would really recommend casting him due to his friendliness and awesome voice acting! 10/10

  • @zaydin47

    Safe-By-Voice is an awesome voice actor. He was constantly getting lines in within 2 days as well giving multiple takes in the script with plenty of intonations and emotions to choose from for the past two years that my project was active. He's extremely friendly and active in this project and his interpretations and portrayal of Kanel in my project was impressive. I'd definitely recommend casting him and hope to see great things from him in the future

  • @haydendavisva

    I have been working with this guy since 2018 on a bunch of different projects, like ones I never finished or gave up on halfway through. People came and went, never got back to me on new things I was working on, but anytime I contacted Safe-By-Voice, I would always get a response, and he would always be willing to help out and never complain or argue. He is a super nice guy. Also, the RANGE this man has!! He can sound like a high school student, then switch to an old man and you wouldn't be able to tell it's the same guy! If you need someone who is a brilliant voice actor and a dedicated person... This is the man you want!