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About Subliminal

Hello! My name is Ashley; I'm in my thirties and live in the United States. For as long as I can remember, I've had a deep passion for video games, movies, TV, comics and anime. I also have a keen ear for voice actors and love to listen for my favorites. It's always been so fascinating to see what an actor can do with the power of their voice alone in order to entertain and convey emotions. I've always had an interest in acting in some form or another but took a different path in life. Now, I'm finally able to indulge in my dreams (part-time) and give voice acting a try! I'm always striving to better myself and I am working hard to both improve my skills and my equipment while expanding my portfolio.

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  • @optipersona

    Subliminal has been a fantastic addition to my personal project since she accepted her role, and I cannot praise her enough. Punctual, a pleasure to work with, and dedication to upholding a high standard of quality with each line she delivers. If you're looking for a talented voice actor who can really bring the characters in a script to life, I would highly recommend giving Subliminal a shot!

  • @aamebell

    Ashley is a pleasure to work with and a wonderful communicator! She submitted all of her necessary lines promptly and consistently, and always took the time to deliver high-quality takes with variety to choose from. She would absolutely be an asset to any project, both with her great acting ability and attitude!

  • @dhvo

    Three words that describe this actress. Versatile. Professional. Astounding. I guarantee that she will put her heart into any performance and adjust to any direction with a smile. Don’t miss out and cast her. She voiced in a TMNT project and Pokemon.