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About RMP321

I am a twenty year old voice actor who has been working hard on his voice acting career for over a year now! I have worked on a large number of projects across a large spectrum of medias. From Video games to video game mods, Comics and Manga fandubs, and even abridged series. I always work to get my work completed for a project quickly and with quality.  And I am always looking for more projects to test my skills on and grow more as a vocal artists. 

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    Here's server

  • @anriokso

    he is good talent and dedicated.

  • @shadowzpa

    RMP321 is a Fellow Voice Actor in my Series, Smash Region, where he voices as a Black Yoshi named Cress which is a Semi-Protagonist/Antagonist. To Demonstrate, here is his Passion and Work.

  • @cellblockpsycho

    I'm currently working on a pretty big mod at the moment and I really appreciated the work and dedication that this man put into the characters I've given him.
    I would recommend this person for anyone who needs something done briskly and professionally.