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About TalonSims

Thank you for checking out my profile and I hope to work with you soon!

  • @yumeparadox

    Talon Sims is one of the most humble and positive VAs I've met here on Casting Call Club. He is dedicated to improving his craft and finding new learning experiences. His voice is very pleasant and I recommend his talent for a variety of roles. Talon Sims is a true team player and a professional in both his presentation and work ethic. You'll be fortunate to work with him, as am I.

  • @frostedvoid

    TalonSims is one of the best I have encountered on this site. He is highly motivated and coachable, always willing to take in new information and listen. He can also speak when asked, providing insight on his personal views of each character, and more than willing to provide constructive criticism to any that are willing. He is highly rooted into the team mindset, always thinking in terms of the collective.

    Not only is he of great use professionally, but I now see him as a friend that I will always keep in mind in future projects. My absolute top recommendations to TalonSims.

  • @fanficradio

    We were honored to work with Talon Sims on our Final Fantasy XV projects (and are actually continuing to do so). He brings such a great positive atmosphere to everyone he works with and gives his absolute best.

    His voice acting was top notch, delivered at best quality and in a timely manner.

    Loved working with him and highly recommend him for your next project.

  • @mylesm

    If there's one word that comes to mind when I think of Talon Sims, it would be passion. Even though Talon is already one of the most talented voice actors that I've had the pleasure of meeting through the site, he always strives to be better. His caring personality and natural teamwork skills only add to this skill. He is very teachable and takes direction with a genuine smile on his face. The effort that he puts into a project is surely that of five average people. Talon is remarkable, and it's been such a pleasure to work with him and become acquainted with him.

  • @voicedbykenneth

    Talon Sims is a fantastic, gifted voice actor with a professional attitude and extraordinary work ethic. His voice is crisp, rich, and energetic; his personality is overflowing with positivity and warmth. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to a fellow cast-mate and never shies from a challenge. He works with direction exceptionally well, in much thanks to his adaptable personality and versatile capabilities as an actor. Over the course of working with him, he and I have become friends with shared passions and ambitions. In our rehearsals and performances, I have witnessed him bring energy and life to characters of various archetypes so distinctly that he makes them his own. Any project featuring Talon Sims is guaranteed at the very least the heightened quality that comes with his presence.

  • @ueichi

    Talon and I have worked on multiple projects together, varying from dubs, voice overs to my streams. He is always eager to put in the work to make sure his lines are just right and always strives to do his best. He has an impressive range of voices varying from energy, pitch, accent and more. He sticks up for others as well and shows a great judge of character. With the projects that I have seen, he always turned his lines in on time and is open for critique. He is absolutely wonderful to work with and I hope that he will audition for one of my future projects.