Anthony LoGatto

Wacked-out voices, crazy impressions; all coming out of the self-proclaimed Humanoid Cartoon!

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About Anthony LoGatto

Born in NYC and inspired by the anime that was dubbed there (along with the voice work from "Celebrity Deathmatch"), this comedian and all-around weirdo is ready to take the animation world by storm with his voice work!

Demos & Samples

Commercial Demo (2021)

For those who were wondering how I sound normally, here's my latest commercial demo for your vocal consideration. Enjoy!

2020 Demo Reel - Character

Character reel showing all the sorts of characters and accents I can do.


$5 a line; $10 a line for spicier material. Can be negotiable with the price.

  • @deleted178215

    A-Log, you have one of the best mob voices I've heard when it strictly comes to voice acting. The way you voiced Edgar was perfectly brilliant. Thank you for your professionalism, I look forward to collaborating with you in the future.

  • @ross-k

    Peter Cushing on His First Ever Film Anthony provided a voice over for 1 episode of my web series, Musings of The Classic Sherlock Holmes Actors, playing the role of french swordsman, Albert Cavens. He did a great french accent, and the tone was fitting for the scenario in question. Excellent job Anthony.