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Hello everyone! My name is Katlyn, a voice actress based out in Dallas, TX. I am a indie professional voice actor who is always on the lookout for exciting new projects! I mainly work in animation and video games, but am open to anything with a good story!

My range goes from energetic children to stoic and quiet leaders! I've worked hard these past 7 years to really drive my range as far as it can go vocally and emotional. 

Be sure to check out my Demo Reel!

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  • @mabukz

    My name is Nick Mabukz and I am a working machinima director. I would like to say that working with Katastrofree has been an absolute blast! Beyond her busy life I am very grate full that she had the time to play a role in my film 'THE PLEDGE'. She was spectacular in delivery and even offered her the role for life! I loved her performance that if her character should ever have an inclusive film I would literally beg her to work with me again! She is awesome and friendly as well. Even after production we still keep in touch as friends. What a wonderful person to work with. The film is not out yet but hopefully this link where she plays a character called Crimson Fox will suffice.

  • @thagreatisaiah

    I had a friend recommend Katastrofree to me and she immediately blew me away! Her voice demo was good her audio was clear and she gets lines in quickly! She also has some great comedic timing and improve skills! I was stuck on a line once and just said "Say something funny I can't seem to get this line right" and she gave me something way funnier than what I wrote. 100% recommend casting her!

  • @green-elixir

    I've directed a comic dub of the comic by Don Rosa "The prisoner of White Agony Creek" and have been searching for a voice actress that could really get and portray the character of Goldie O'Gilt. It has been a long, long search, but once I heard katastrofree audition I knew I had found the perfect Goldie. She managed to capture the character perfectly, giving a great vocal performance that ranged from angry rantings to heartfelt moments. She was also very helpful when I asked her to redo or add things, managing to send me all of their lines in a short time and to be on par with the other voice actors even though she came as the last one. She was a blast to work with and was even open to reprise her role! I really look forward to work with her again!

  • @rainedrops

    Quick, simple role but amusing take for the comic :D

  • @stelersteel

    Katastrofree was able to help with providing some voice work for a side project I directed of her character she played as, Blaze the Flareon, from Eeveelution Squad. Very responsive, open and enthusiastic when it came to this little project and all the above was very much appreciated! Awesome job, and it was such an honor that she was able to help out in such a short amount of time. Thanks again!

  • @spacelizard

    I recently cast Kat in a role for a videogame, and she brought exactly the kind of cautious enthusiasm and nervous energy that I had in mind for the character. She is a pleasure to work with, and I hope to do so again in the future!