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About LAWebley

My name is Lucas A. Webley,

I am a voice actor and narrator from central England. I have a varied range of tones, textures and accents from the smooth clarity I employ in my narration, to the gruff rumbles of trailer work ala Don LaFontaine, and I can veer from the bitterly sombre to abject lunacy as requested. I say very humbly that I have a very versatile range in regards to work.

I really love my work and take a huge amount of pride in bringing my absolute best to every project no matter how large or small, so if you should require a voice for any nature of project please do consider me.




  • @mrbohemian

    Mr. LAWeblery's inborn, UK English gave my antagonist a casual but devilish cunning that I did not expect. He played well my Observer Oston in the machinima production of my play, The Dreamers: A Play of Playing.

  • @skc_va

    Very fast and efficient. Excellent communication throughout.

  • @nick-on--planet-ripple

    GREAT to work with. Huge range for a guy who's real voice is pretty mellow. Whatever feel you need him to nail for a character, he'll be on point almost immediately.

  • @black-plasma-studios

    LAWebley was the first person out of the 39 characters I cast to send in all of his lines, and he did so with great professionalism and a positive and enthusiastic attitude!

    I would highly recommend this actor to anyone interested in his voice talent :)

  • @vincentdn

    LAWebley delivered some great samples to us and was able to rapidly and correctly adapt to team requests and tonal shifts. He is a talent of high standard and I look forward to doing more projects with him!

  • @brandonhessvoices

    A wonderful person to work with. Communicates well and frequently and puts in all the effort required and then some on a project. His voice is incredible and quite versatile for characters needing a deep and smooth sound. VERY prompt in terms or response and project delivery. I definitely hope to work with him again in the future.

  • @mrbohemian

    My name is Mr. Bohemian. I am the playwright and director of the play, The Dreamers: A Play of Playing, a full length theater script and WoW machinima.

    Mr. LAWebley, as Observer Oston, could not have provided a more picturesque Englishman. His voice is somehow both old and young. His attitude was always thoughtful and exciting. I was very fortunate to have him among other CCC professionals participate in my play.

  • @koala-bear-workshop

    His audition had several different voices to let me choose what I preferred. He sent the lines over in the next couple of days.
    His audio quality is really good. He did an amazing job and cannot wait until we work together again

  • @toddcircle

    I can't recommend LAWebley highly enough.
    So smooth, super clean audio and speedy delivery.

  • @andrew0531

    Lucas is a true professional and talent! He kindly resubmitted his audition after I made some last minute changes, included extra audio that added so much to the final product, and brought my character to life! I can't wait to work with him in the future!

  • @tonybuttface

    LAWebley is a terrific voice actor who not only delivers on time, every time, but ceases to aloof. With studio quality and professional skills, Webley is by far my most reliable and respectable voice actor that I have had the pleasure to work with.

  • @cashsonny

    It was an absolute pleasure working with Lucas. I would send the script to him and receive the recordings back on the same day. He is also very talented and I wouldn't be surprised if he were on TV one day (just remember me haha). If he were to tell me that he was Kit Harrington, I would not be surprised. He also has a wide vocal range that suits many different roles. If there was one negative, I would say...literally nothing.

  • @ricksbutterrobot

    Was a pleasure to work with. Voice had presence and warmth, audio quality was solid without noise/hiss and he gave a number of variations in tone to choose from. Received audio files in a timely manner. Great work.

  • @orthrusstudios

    Lucas is an incredibly talented voice artist. It was a privilege working with him! He exudes confidence and flair, and the finished product really reflects the hard work he put into his amazing performance! Lucas delivered his lines in excellent time and brought the character of Fenris Graman to life. Thank you, Lucas!

  • @aaronisak

    Freaking amazing work! Very very impressed! Absolutely flawless and nothing to criticize.

  • @badogblue

    Very good voice acting and a very quick return. Would highly recommend

  • @jconnorgreen

    He did a wonderful job on this project and was very kind and helpful during the audition process.

  • @yossarian22

    He is a great guy and an awesome voice actor, who delivers top quality in short time. It was a pleasure to work with him and would do so again without hesitation.

  • @hitoo

    Lucas is a pleasure to work with, is very punctual, and has an incredible voice! The voice acting he provided for my game was of extremely high quality. In fact, my first thought upon hearing his audition for the role was, "that's exactly it." I would definitely turn to him again for future projects.

  • @intent

    I am very satisfied with his work. Not only his sound and voice on the professional level but his work with intonation, tempo variations and word highlighting helps a lot in creating the right atmosphere for a project. Work delivered in a promptly matter, communication is also at high level.