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I'm Ridiculous Voice acting Newbie still learning the ropes and working on my voices. Regardless lets make something great together! 
I am a Voice Actor
Yo, Im Ridiculous im 20 years old and New to Voice acting and working on some of my voices! I'll take basically any kind of unpaid work that allows me to practice and just get better at my craft! I'm A Streamer and Content Creator on Twitch and youtube.

Im also currently working On a Konosuba Comic Dub Project.
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor

Hello friends!  I'm a voice actor in training from North Carolina, USA. I have been voice acting since 2022, and my dream is to one day give my voice to dubbing anime/video games!
 Please message me on Casting Call Club for any inquiries.
What kind of work I do not accept as of February 2023:GachaFNAF
My Discord is sleepingwooloo
Voicework Includes:
Young Metaknight- Kirby's Knightmare: Meta's Quest for the Blue Rose by Koku_Draws Link:(WIP)
Fletcher Flanders- Oblivion (Sims 4 VO Series)
Biggs- Final Fantasy 7 Playthrough Fandub (WIP) 

Completed: Ramza- Final Fantasy Tactics in a Nutshell Part1 by RABtoons: Link: Final Fantasy Tactics: In a Nutshell! Part 1 (Animated Parody) - YouTubeBubba Fett - Cyanide & Friends: Link: Wiz's Shop | Cyanide & Friends - YouTube Regulus Corneas - ReZero Arc 5 Live Reads by Studio Re...
Speaks: english
Accents: quiet
Skills and Interests: voice acting
I'm a part-time VA based in Scotland, primarily voicing indie roles here on CCC.
I am a Voice Actor
Hi there! I'm Richard; I do voices part-time. I've been actively doing voice acting for the better part of a year now as a part-time gig, and in particular have done indie character work, custom narration, audio-drama, among others. I'm British (native Scottish, but the accent has been watered down a lot from travel!) and can perform a variety of accents, from neutral American to English to Scottish to French. I am also a fluent French speaker and can perform comfortably in both languages.
My voice is naturally mid-deep and harsh-sounding. I am able to perform a variety of growly, snarly, and monstrous-sounding voices (available in demos on this page). I am not averse to screaming and grunting (and in fact rather enjoy it). Among the roles I have played, there are:Scottish dwarves (naturally)Snarly crocodilian monstersAffable british middle classMiddle-aged space pilotsSnarky ameri...
Skills and Interests: recording science voice acting
Search all 2120 voice actor videogame profiles