Christopher V. Thorn

Christopher V. Thorn

Seasoned, Grizzled, Cynical, Sarcastic Voice Actor. Man I love this stuff

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About Christopher V. Thorn

I have recorded hundreds of projects for many of the world’s leading organizations, including: Exxon Mobil, PowerStop Brakes, General Electric, The State of New York,  AMS Sensing Technologies, and many more.

My relatable, professional, and flexible style, make me a great pick for your business communication needs. From branding, to product explaining and eLearning, to relating your marketing message.

I am flexible and have range. In addition to all that boring business stuff, I record voices for video game characters, animated characters, and straight narration/trailer type reads for those genres.

I have recorded projects that have been heard on five continents and record for my global market in my professional home studio located in Central Ohio.

Not only do I work in Voice Over, I teach it as well. Contact me if you want to learn more.

Big Voice Productions - 2017

Immersive Voice Over Training

Instructed by Ron Allan

I went through Ron's course twice. I was the first of his students to do so. I first took his class in 1994. Things were way different for talent back then. You mostly did radio and TV spots. You only got work through talent agencies. Al Gore hadn't invented the Internet yet. I took his class again in July/August of 2017 graduating in February of 2018. It was an intense 90 minute session once a week for 22 weeks. I learned breathing techniques, acting techniques, how to properly set up a studio, what equipment you could get away with. What equipment every professional should have. I learned how this nasty business works and I learned how to find work. Once I got some experience, I went back to Ron to learn how to teach Voice Over. And here we are!


I could pop out a rate card here but that wouldn't do either of us much good. I've found that each one-off project is unique. Unique in scope and unique in budget and I quote as such. However, if there is recurring work, I tailor all my services to fit your budget and I firmly believe in establishing relationships. But to give you an idea, a typical explainer video, 1 to 3 minutes in length, edited for noise and time, will cost, generally, $175 turned around 1 hour under most circumstances. If you want to insult me, come to me with non paid work and tell me all about the wonderful "exposure" I'll get. Look creatives, I paid a lot of money for my training. I've invested a lot of money in my home studio. I get you may be working with little to no budget and I am not heartless. But I generally, typically, almost never work for free.

What Christopher V. Thorn is looking for

I'll take any Voice Over work I can get. No job is too big. No job is too small. But what I've found over the coarse of the last year or so is that enjoy character work. I didn't use to chase those types of jobs, they usually find me. I've sort of been niched into mobile video game character voices and animated characters.

  • @overthetop123

    Absolutely impossible to believe they're just starting out, very nice delivery with lines and speaks with purpose to the characters voiced! A pleasure to work with.

  • @carrie_drovdlic_vo

    I’ve know Chris for several years via a local VO networking group. He is a pro voice artist with a focus on customer service and a dedication to pleasing his clients. And have you heard his voice? Wow. 

  • @lionhall

    Absolutely loved working with him. He has a joyous energy about him. That’s infectious around the room. He’s highly talented and is a great fit for almost any project