Kobe Van Bogaert

Kobe Van Bogaert

I'm a voice artist, singer, writer, and (casting)director.  I am also a living flame :p

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About Kobe Van Bogaert

  • About Me:

Greetings, you lovely person who is reading this right now! 

My name is Kobe Van Bogaert(The "Van" is part of my last name) and I'm a 21-year-old stage actor, voice actor, and writer from Belgium.

Are you looking for a strong adolescent voice? Or the roar and vocals of the most gruesome creature you could imagine? Well, then I am right here for you!

My abilities include the fact that I can speak in almost 4 different accents! Those are:

- North-American
- British
- Australian
- and in a European accent

With almost 3 years of online experience, it is clear that I am the right man for all of your voice-over projects! So be sure to contact me on Discord with the tag: Kobe Van Bogaert#1460

Have a nice day! On to the plugs.

  • @The-Jamco

    Kobe provides voiceover work for a character in my FWZ show as Liam Andreassen.

    Liam always provides me with my lines in a timely manner, and always brings a youthful vibe to the voice of the character.
    He's one of my voiceovers that takes direction the best.

    Thank you Kobe for your time and energy :)

  • @tyree_jacobs

    Kobe is a very impressive voice actor, brings a lot of energy into his acting and is a great person to work with, both very understanding and works well with others. Kobe is very brilliant and gets 5 stars in my book.