David Kinney Jr

David Kinney Jr

If you ever need to get a hold of me elsewhere, my main email is: [email protected]

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About David Kinney Jr

Hi there! My name is David Kinney Jr and I am a voice actor! I have been doing voices and impressions for a long time and have never done it professionally, until now! I've studied voice work through classes, movies, video games, cartoons and tv shows. I have a special ability for memorization, so I do my best to remember the lines and most importantly, the voices! At least, my version of that character! I always learn things every day, but having fun while doing it! If you need anything, from characters, commercials, narrations, anything at all, I'm your man!

What David Kinney Jr is looking for

I mainly like to work on animation, video games, dubbing, commercials or anything that I can lend my voice to!

  • @fetchgames

    David is a joy to interact with I am excited to work with him as carson well into the future!