Adam Woolley

Adam Woolley

Professional Voice Actor for your next project!

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About Adam Woolley

I've been a voice over nerd the better part of my life and working as a voice actor since 2017. Hearing my voice coming out of skeletons, greek gods, disembodied narrators, and superhero ducks is my favorite thing in the world. What will be the next character I get to play? You tell me! Let's have some fun!

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Feel free to check out my website too!

Private Coaching with Richard Horvitz - 2019

Private Coaching

Instructed by Richard Horvitz

Five classes with Richard Horvitz focusing on character building

Recycled Minds - 2020


Instructed by Sean Hancock


Pricing for me varies from project to project and always open for discussion.

What Adam Woolley is looking for

I'll admit cartoons/animation and video games are my favorite projects to work on, I'm open to any and all lines of work!

  • @chaton-studios

    Wonderful person to work with! they've been absolutely nothing but helpful and supportive of the creators idea, clean crisp audio delivered in a timely manner, very, very professional!

  • @ussramshack

    Unearthly talent! Adam takes a character, finds its soul, and what results is a nuanced, uniquely crafted performance that will elevate any project he touches. Professional, easy to talk to, adaptable, and the most valuable connection we've ever made in the industry, Woolley is an absolutely must-have talent.

  • @chaton-studios

    You'd be lucky to see this guys in your audition box! working with him is nothing but a joy