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Steve Stanley Voiceover
I am a Voice Actor, Audio Engineer, and Live Actor
Hello, I'm Steve Stanley, a voice-over talent and dubbing-artist.   

Thank you for looking in and taking a few moments to listen to showcased auditions, credits, or check out my recommendations, and review my current demo.
Like what you hear?!  Got a role you feel I'd fit?! 

Let's connect. Click a link or direct message (DM) me:

Linkedin:         stevestanleyvo#4262
JigglyJai The Male Jigglypuff Lover
Your Favourite Australian Male Jigglypuff Loving Voice Actor
I am a Voice Actor
Hello, Fellow Jigglypuff Lovers and Future ones alike! I am JigglyJai, an Autistic beginner voice actor who loves Pokemon, (Especially Jigglypuff, that sweet Normal/Fairy Type Balloon Pokemon of course.) but I feel like I learn more every time I audition or record some lines, so I could have a bright future ahead!  I'm also an Australian citizen, but actually have a bit of an American voice, too! I guess it's from all those American shows and movies! I am PG-13 materiel, too, BTW. You can get me to say some bad words, but I don't want to say anything too explicit for kids or young teenagers. I choose to only audition for stuff that is not rated 18+. Wish me luck, Jigglypuff Lovers and Future Jigglypuff Fans alike! And I hope to wish YOU luck too! Peace!
Profile Picture Art made by YouTuber Crimson 
Ready to bring your characters to life and help tell your story!
I am a Voice Actor
Hello, my name is Isaak and I'm a voice actor!
I have about 4 hours total of voice acting coaching, over 100 hours of in person acting training. I was in a beginner ongoing acting class for a year, and am now currently in an intermediate ongoing acting class since the start of 2024. I have also started an online voiceover training course to learn techniques for voice acting for the last 6 months.
Characters I can confidently do are dynamic villains and best friends lost in their own world. Other characters I am able to do are down to earth friends/classmates, creepy henchmen, and reclusive bookworms.
I look forward to working with you and bringing life to characters for people to enjoy!
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, and Live Actor
hello! I'm currently in the military but always wanted to try my hand at voice acting and running some larger modding projects for starfield
Speaks: english
Search all 7934 voice actor elderly profiles