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Hi! I'm Julia, a classically-trained Singer, Voice Actor, Composer/Arranger, and Audio Engineer from Canada!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Music Composer, and Audio Engineer
Julia Henderson is a Canadian-born soprano, multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger, voice over artist, and audio engineer. With a Bachelor's in Classical Voice Performance, and a Master’s degree in Music Technology and Digital Media, Julia combines her skills to take an interdisciplinary approach to media: from creation, through to recording, and full post-production of any audio a media project might need!As a Classically-Trained Opera Singer, Julia is right at home performing both solo classical and choral compositions. Where her heart truly lies, though, is when she's performing contemporary genres such as Jazz, Soul/R&B, Rock, and Pop.As a Recording Artist, Julia has been featured on video games such as Vampire Survivors, has performed on 26 albums, released three officially-licensed solo EPs, and has published over 70 music videos on YouTube. Since 2017, Julia has been nomi...
Nicholas A. Hanley
The Animated Voice That You Need For Your Project. Let's begin!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Hello Kings and Queens.

Voice Actor / Voice Talent / Singer / Narrator
Nick was born in Manhattan, New York, but now resides in South Florida. As stylish as his bowtie in his profile photo, he possesses a versatile voice. The wide range of Nick’s vocal talents and abilities covers every aspect in voiceover categories as a voice actor. His unique, fresh, youthful, dynamic, and authentic voice allows him to articulate each project carefully in the guidelines of each request. This millennial has a voice that connects any demographic with the material. But he also delivers an effortless, inspiring, witty, and direct narration, his professionalism and business audience will be able to comfortably trust the information from a sense of expertise. His voice is suited for technology products and explainer videos, where one needs a professional, but youthful voice. He does exceptional...
Speaks: english
American Voice Actor signed by New Vine Records and Host of OlderNDumber
I am a Voice Actor
Hi, my name is Hunter, I'm an American voice actor signed by New Vine Records in Ithaca NY. I'm also a Host on the podcast OlderNDumber. I've been doing voice-over work for almost 4 years now. I voice Roy Alphard/Lye Batenkaitos in the Re-Zero Audio Drama by Studio Reverie. Jazz in the stop motion film by Action Figure Theater. Lightning Lynx in the Comic Dub of Eternal Scourge by Blue Hawk Audio Works. Hunter's voice has a real Guy Next Door, Funny, Knowledgeable, and Trustworthy feel. Hunter's acting ability and wide range of personalities make him stand out in any project. With a great work ethic he gets the job done. Very personable and friendly, and excited for every opportunity.
Speaks: english
Voice Actor/Writer looking for work. Can provide Good Quality Audio for voice acting.
I am a Voice Actor and Writer
I am a gamer and writer at heart, but I love to entertain others. My passion for writing and voice-over pushes me to attempt to create my stories and wish to be involved in others' work. It has been my dream to be a star to entertain the masses. My favorite actor ever is Robin Williams, how who inspired and brought joy to millions throughout his life.My writing mostly dives into science fiction and crime, along with satire and comedy.My voice-over training was done by Greg Cipes, and three classes over zoom. I also received Coaching from Valerie Rose Lohman on Skills hub. I have also taken the Voice Over 101 Classes with Closing Credits!
I run an animation Channel which I will put here:

I will have my Resume linked
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: audio editing (adobe audition)
A Hopeful Voice Talent ...Let's Go!
I am a Voice Actor
Very new to the world of Voice Acting but finally gaining the confidence to do it!
I've been immersed in the world of Anime, Video Games, Comic Books, and pretty much all things nerdy since childhood. Going to conventions, roleplaying, D&D, reciting anime and cartoon episodes obnoxiously while dreaming of being a Voice Talent ...that's me!  

Need a bubbly, cheerful voice? I gotcha!
Need an emo angsty voice? Contradicting from the first role, I know, but still.. I gotcha!
Raspy? Shy? LOUD? quiet? HYPED!? I gotcha.

Give me a chance, I would love to connect! 

Open to:
*Lead Role
*Supporting Role
*One Liners


Let's bring some characters to life!
I am a Voice Actor
Hello, I'm Kasidy and I really just want to be a cartoon character.Kasidy Kumar - IMDb
Speaks: english
Versatile Musician + Voice Actor: Bringing Characters to Life with Immersive Performances That Weird Kid on all Platforms
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Producer, and Live Actor
Sean is an experienced voice actor with a passion for audio engineering, music recording, and immersive character portrayal. With 5+ years of experience in audio engineering and music production, Sean operates his own professional studio, delivering top-notch sound quality for himself and his clients.
Specializing in Role Play Video Games, Sean excels in bringing characters to life through distinct voices, accents, and authentic reactions. His ability to immerse himself in a character's mindset creates believable performances. Whether heroic, villainous, or hilarious, Sean captivates audiences, breathing life into virtual worlds.
Beyond gaming, Sean has showcased his dynamic voice and presence as a former college radio DJ, captivating listeners with his charismatic delivery and smooth vocal style. He has delivered numerous speeches as class president, leaving lasting impressions...
Speaks: english
Session vocalist and Voice Actress
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
 Hello all my name is Elunoir, and I am a session vocalist from New England (USA). I have a bachelor of the arts and did several independent understudies pertaining to voice in my college experience. I  am classically trained, and am continuing education in opera. Although I am  classically trained, my bookings (for music) are primarily for nu-metal roles.Notably: I translated and sang the English theme song for Japanese streaming service called OMUSUBI (you can view this on my profile)I do direct some projects, and am fairly novice at doing so. However I am happy to receive constructive critique on all fronts and hope to create exciting and meaningful content with you all!  

Guess tuning in to Pokémon’s Twitch streams of the series on every Tuesday/Thursday for over 3 years straight can REALLY ingrain every vocal inflection imaginable from the ol’ Pokécast…
I am a Voice Actor and Music Composer
Aspiring voice actor & music composer. Specializes in adaptive wacky voices w/ a TON of range & various “epic” background music styles (ex: video games). Also currently learning Japanese.
Speaks: english
Im a pawn shop of voices and love to add more to my collection of oddities! This is a passion hobby of mine that I want to see improve however far or little by little every day. I won’t know just how good I can be unless I try, and I can’t be afraid to fail. This is the dream!
I am a Voice Actor and Artist
I draw my own web comic series (Unfortunate 1’s) and pass the time by doing character voices by myself or with my D&D group. I do this all for fun, BUT the big dream is to one day make it a career!
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: 2d art comedy improv
Heya hows it goin? My names Clover (a.k.a. Aleia) & welcome to my profile! My passion for nature & the arts is my drive in life.
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
My average project turn around rate for voice-over work is 1-2 business days depending on the length & complexity of the project!Additionally, I can supply royalty-free background music for files upon request, for additional fees.
Speaks: english
Non-Binary Non-Union Voice Actor 
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Writer, and Live Actor
Howdy!My name is Niecey! I am a non-binary, queer amateur voice actor with prior stage experience. My voice ranges from motherly to young child however I'm always down for a challenge. Open to doing most types of projects (including NSFW/ 18+) in order to expand my portfolio .
Speaks: english
That one actor who made their debut as an octagon 
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
How many people can say they made their debut as an octagon?

Hi there! I am a versatile performer with bases in Nottingham and London, having graduated from East 15 Acting School on the BA World Performance course back in 2021. During my time at drama school, on top of gaining fundamental training in acting and voice techniques, I have also developed keen interests such as storytelling, voice acting, comedy and various eastern styles of dance such as neo-contemporary and traditional African dance just to name a few. I have a keen interest in voice acting, particularly for animation, through my love for impersonation. I also have experience in backstage roles such as being Stage Manager, to Props Sorcerer and Mask Maker.

I also aim to show more representation for disabled performers as I am myself a type 1 diabetic and hoping to break the streotypes out there.

I ha...
Speaks: english