Austin AO Murphy

Austin AO Murphy

The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense.

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About Austin AO Murphy

Based out of Dallas, I've worked on many projects over the years as an independent artist, including audio dramas, machinimas, short films, and short series. I've also worked on professional products such as ad campaigns for pasta brand ZENB, an advertisement for the clothing company LuLuLemon, and a short documentary that was backed by the Russo Brothers; Potentially Dangerous: When It Was A Crime To Be Italian

My prominent voice work can be found in shows such as Tarkov: A Halo Story, Collateral Creatives, The Library: Halo Lorecast, and TARKOV ONI FILES.

My specialty is in video editing and audio editing, but I tend to dabble in everything at least once. My hopes are to get my projects out into the public for professional resume use, potentially commercial success, as well as expanding my range of contacts in the industry.


Please reach out to me for a quote. Cost varies from project to project, depending on importance and word count.

What Austin AO Murphy is looking for

My voice is very much made for comedy and action-focused products, though also has a clear tone that would work very well for commentary and presentation. I prefer intense roles, but will take anything that properly uses my voice profile.

  • @c_log

    I provided a voice for the Tarkov project and it was a great production to be part of. Clear instructions and good communication. It was a pleasure to work with Austin on this!

  • @Chadikka

    Austin and the team at JumperScape Productions settle for nothing less than professional level quality. I am extremely honored to have been apart of a cast of highly skilled and talented voice actors which were lead along side himself and his great managing skills. Always friendly and easy to work with and an amazing drive to produce the highest quality content out there. I hope to work with him again!