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Female voice over serving clients around the world from her broadcast quality sound booth. Warm, chill, youthful, upbeat, and intelligent. Scientific narration, educational content, explainer videos, commercial, video game, and cartoon characters.
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Brandie Sylfae is an award-winning stunt performer, actor, and voice over performer born in Los Angeles, California. As a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do under Chuck Norris, she got her start in martial arts focused roles, including the television series V.R. Troopers and the feature film Bloodmoon. While she still enjoys a good fight scene, she is proud of her recent work with roles on SNL alum Aidy Bryant’s Hulu original, Shrill, the TBS comedy, Chad, opposite Nasim Pedrad, the puppet short, Lessons Learned as the voice of Spider Fate, and opposite Willow Shields (Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games) in the multi-award winning feature film Woodstock or Bust.She began her training in the BFA program at Cal State Long Beach performing in Inherit the Wind, The Importance of Being Earnest and Agnes of God, and then continued her education with classes in Los Angeles where she ...
Speaks: english
Love playing and experimenting with my voice. 
I am a Voice Actor
Professional voice actor who feels like she's playing with voice work, it's so fun!  Excited to be part of your next project.I have a quality-rated home studio set-up, currently using a Behringer B1 mic and Behringer mixer. No background noise.Discord: listendeeply
Relatable, Energetic, Versatile Voice Actor and published author.
I am a Voice Actor and Writer
Hi, I'm Russell J. Fellows - #Author and #VoiceActor.

I would love to talk to you more about your #voiceover needs.

While my experience is within the Audiobook realm, I am willing and able to voice any project you have in mind.I offer a General American Adult Male voice that is soothing, comforting, relatable, and approachable. My versatile voice can lend itself to a large array of accents including: Southern American, Northeastern American, Midwestern American, British, French, and more than I can even fathom (even if I can't at the moment - I love to push myself to get the exact accent you're looking for).My strongest voice categories lend itself to the boy-next-door, the loving father, bumbling goofball, bubbly child, creepy/spooky villain, goblins, lovable woodland creatures, and wizened mentors/wizards.I look forward to working with you and making your story come to...
Speaks: english
For years family, friends and complete strangers have said I need to go into voice acting. So here I am! instagram a project you want me to see? Discord is @WhinotToonish
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Writer, and Live Actor
Hey-Hey! Whinot Toonish, at your disposal! Energetic, plenty of range both high, low and strange levels in between. Im motivated, energetic, I have writing experience and take pride in my work,

If youre checking out my profile and want to get in touch, message my Discord @WhinotToonish. Send me a friend request and ill get back to you
Speaks: english
I'm a Voice Actor :>
I am a Voice Actor
Hello my name is Naomi and I am a beginner voice actor┍━☽【❖】☾━┑Ranges and types
Medium - HighMedium
I can do shy, soft, childish voices and many more!

╚════.✾. ═╝
I do voice acting for free but discord nitro is your way to pay me if you want!
YesGachaSinging songs I knowLong/short term projectsUnpaid/paid projects┌─── ∘°❉°∘ ───┐
NoNSFWHateful speechany animation,etc projects (maybe in the future)Homophobic, transphobic, racist projectsAny singing projectsFandubs

╚══ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══╝
SocialsCCC - You're here!
Discord - - nezukokamado6915 @ gmail . com
Carrd, guidelines, and resume - In progress!
Skills and Interests: voice acting (beginner)
Animator and artist and a little bit of a voice actor not the best at it though
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Animator
Animator and artist called hazel aka hazelbazel on YouTube I use she/her and they/them and im transgender I’m kinda good at voice acting not the best at it but good nonetheless
Speaks: english
Voice actor, Gamer and over all NERD
I am a Voice Actor
Hi! I am Mariah! I'm 27 and I love voice acting particularly character work. I love the originality and creativity of this community and I hope I get to work with some of you guys. I check my profile here pretty often but feel free to reach out at my socials below for a faster response. Best of luck! 🍀 ❤ Brutischic
Celeste Davis
I'm your typical warm, Mom, friendly, sarcastic, judgmental, competitive, neighbor! I'll give your kids that extra love and attention to make them love me more than you and then I'll talk smack about you behind your back! 
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, and Live Actor
Strong comedic background. I love playing all sorts of Mom's roles from loving & supportive to that PTA Mom you close your car window up when you see her running towards your car at pick up because you KNOW she's going to talk you into volunteering for something you don't want!!
-I provide custom voice-over services for television and radio commercials, web audio, documentaries, corporate video productions, audiobooks, and books on tape. I also extend into television promos, radio station promos, telephone voicemail, on-hold messages, movie trailers, educational videos, e-learning applications, and podcasts too!-
VOICE OVER ABILITIES:*Warm, Inviting, soothing. Mom, Comforting, Everything is going to be okay.*Authoritative, Commanding, In Charge.*Informative, Smart, Knowledgeable.*Sarcastic, Dry, Sassy.*Mid-West to Chicago type character voices.*Create animated character voic...
Speaks: english
Search all 233 voice actor warm profiles