Richard Gibson

Richard Gibson

I'm a part-time VA based in Scotland, primarily voicing indie roles here on CCC.

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About Richard Gibson

Hi there! I'm Richard; I do voices part-time. I've been actively doing voice acting for the better part of a year now as a part-time gig, and in particular have done indie character work, custom narration, audio-drama, among others. I'm British (native Scottish, but the accent has been watered down a lot from travel!) and can perform a variety of accents, from neutral American to English to Scottish to French. I am also a fluent French speaker and can perform comfortably in both languages.

My voice is naturally mid-deep and harsh-sounding. I am able to perform a variety of growly, snarly, and monstrous-sounding voices (available in demos on this page). I am not averse to screaming and grunting (and in fact rather enjoy it). Among the roles I have played, there are:

  • Scottish dwarves (naturally)

  • Snarly crocodilian monsters

  • Affable british middle class

  • Middle-aged space pilots

  • Snarky american college students

If you're interested in getting in touch regarding a project, feel free to shoot me a message. I don't bite (much). If you are trying to get in touch via Discord, please send a message first before sending a friend request; I will probably ignore the request if I do not know who you are or what you want!

Closing Credits - 2023

Audio Engineering for Voice Over

Instructed by Tony Wijs

I adhere to VAC indie guidelines for small projects. In general, my rates will be:

$2 per line

$0.3 per word

$100 per hour (live direction via online conferencing tool)

If you are interested about inquiring regarding rates, or have a project but are unsure about being able to meet these rates, feel free to get in touch; we may be able to work something out. These rates apply to small projects with limited budgets; larger projects from more affluent studios will be negotiated on a per-project basis. 

These rates are applied to avoid undercutting working actors whilst also offering a viable pricing option for new studios or independently funded projects.

What Richard Gibson is looking for

I am a part-time VA and have an special interest in entertainment, games, animation, and character work. 

  • @akarion

    Fantastic voice work, even when dealing with a distinct and tricky voice type. Fast response time, and overall a pleasure to work with.

  • @bernardohooman

    here, if you want to have a voice actor with a badass guy tone sound, you just came to the right person. Go ahead and private message this guy, he'll do a good job for you.

  • @mas_

    Excellent quality, great variation of voices, and easy to work with. Would recommend Richard for any of your voice acting needs.

  • @theEastPatch

    Richard was very professional. He made it easy to arrange all the project details and expectations going in, and was a delight to direct. The quality and nuance of his performance is top tier.

  • @ccmaci

    Richard is a quality voice actor: he excels in vast vocal range & performance, is creative in delivery, has a quick DM response time, and is straightforward to direct.

      In Hallownest Vocalized, he voices 2 Major Roles.

      “False Knight” was best received by players, as in-game, it is the first boss that talks in English when fought. For that reason, this role was critical in getting right. Richard was able to perfectly emulate the chaotic arrogance and pathetic feebleness the role required. In addition to an sad/relatable monologue in that same voice (but with less arrogance), Richard was perfect for the role, as seen by the players excited reactions to hearing him for the first time.

      “Colosseum Spectators” is another notable performance, as it highlights Richard’s exceptional range. To go from a goofy maggot to a genuinely creepy hunchback bug is no easy feat, one which Richard pulled off. While the role is very small, it was necessary in tying together the lore of a core part of the game, so the performance had to be on point, which Richard achieved.

      Richard is a very talented voice actor, with a knack for unique voices which viewers instantly click with. I highly recommend him for any project you’re considering him for.

      Additional Notes: This recommendation is for a voice actor from Hallownest Vocalized, a Hollow Knight mod which gave English voice acting to every character in the game. This was a large-scale project, acquiring over 5,000 auditions, but only casting 100 voice actors. This is the mod's Launch Trailer (this VA does not appear in it)